Expert Advice on Utility Tents

Storage space can be difficult when staying in a tent, partially due to their sloping sides.


Utility tents are designed to be pitched separately to your main tent or campervan and offer an enclosed and sheltered place to store items such as cool boxes, bikes and BBQ’s once they have cooled down.


The main advantage to using the utility tent is that it creates more space in your tent and so maximises comfort.  They are usually showerproof, but not as waterproof as a regular tent, this is partially due to them not having taped seams.


Some of these can even be used as shower or toilet tents, increasing your independence on the campsite facilities. 

The starting point for a regular utility tent is the Outdoor Revolution Outhouse Xl

Outdoor Revolution Outhouse Xl

At 2m x 2m this offers a large amount of space which is very useable either as a shelter or a store room.  This tent does not have a sewn in groundsheet, but this be an advantage, as the tent can double as a spacious shower tent with the groundsheet removed.


There are specialist toilet and shower tents available, and these are great value for money.

A great example of one of these is the Kampa Toilet tent

Kampa Toilet Tent

It provides enough space to use a toilet or take a shower.  We stock a range of solar heated showers and chemical toilets which would be at home in this tent.


If the extra storage is just to keep bikes secure and out of the weather, then the Tidy tent Bike cave may be a better option.  It can even be used at home as a temporary bike store.

Tidy tent Bike cave

It won’t look out of place next to a caravan or motorhome either and is a great place to leave muddy boots etc.


The utility tents already mentioned don’t have windows, they function perfectly well as storage areas or shower rooms but if you are wanting to use it as a day shelter then windows will make it much more comfortable.


The Sunncamp Utility Buddy has windows and taped seams, it is a convenient place to store things and shelter from the worst of the weather during the day. 

Sunncamp Utility Buddy

This utility tent is smaller at 2.5m x 2.5m so if you want a larger utility tent then there are other options for you.

The Easy Camp Day Tent

The Easy Camp Day Tent is a great compromise between an additional tent for storage and an event shelter, it is bright and airy inside and works well as a multi-function gazebo/shelter


You could even use it in the garden at home for BBQ’s and parties.  It is also our top selling utility tent. 


All the above utility tents have fibreglass poles and aren’t classed as waterproof, we do however have a utility tent that is both waterproof and air inflatable.


Vango Airhub Hex Gazebo

The Vango Airhub Hex Gazebo Utility tent is air inflatable for convenience and rigidity and has a Hydrostatic head of 4000mm which is as much as most regular tents and means that it is waterproof.   The air inflatable frame is both.   It can also be used as a gazebo/event shelter at home too.



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the sales team.