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Utility Tents

Once you get into camping you'll realise the benefit of utility tents. Utility tents come in all shapes and sizes and have different uses. Toilet tents, storage tents, day room and beach tents, and gazebos and marquees. If you're a camping enthusiast having a separate tent for a toilet, storage or just to use during the day will ensure that your sleeping area remains relatively tidy and clean. Our range of utility tents are competitively priced and great quality, small enough not to take up too much extra space in the car too! Our party tents, gazebos and marquees are perfect for summer weddings, birthday  apart from and the way you dance and move at the same time we are going to barcelona celebrations or just the first summer barbeque in your own garden.

Our Range of Utility Tents

 Our range of utility tents has something for everyone, we currently stock toilet tents, storage tents, day room tents, beach tents, party tents, childrens play tents and tarps.


  1. Toilet Tents
  2. Toilet tents are simple to erect and extremely affordable! Purpose built for toilet storage, the toilet tent has plenty of room to stand, making it suitable for everyone. Aswell as using it as a toilet tent, you could use the utility tent as a shower tent if you wanted. Simple to set up and lightweight the toilet tent comes in its own useful portable carry bag. This utility tent is great for festivals and camping trips where there is no bathroom facilities and the best part is you will never have to queue!







  1. Storage Tents


Storage tents give you that extra much needed space. Our simple design makes setting the storage tent up incredibly easy. We think these are perfect for family camping/ caravanning and motorhoming as it can be stored outside away from the communal living space. Our storage tents are great for storing all kinds of items from beach gear, camping equipment, clothing, push bikes, bbq's and much more.






  1. Day Room Tents


Our day room tents are great for providing shelter to families whether thats shelter from the sun or a rain shower. Our top quality day room tents come at fantastic prices and simple to setup . A day room tent is a great idea for camping trips, large windows and doors mean you can use it as a kitchen, dining room and playroom for young ones. Really useful back home for garden parties and as a cool, shady garden room so you can enjoy the outdoors but not get too hot. Easy to put up with removable groundsheet and mesh door panels for keeping out the insects.






  1. Beach Tents


Beach tents are a Summer essential, especially to families with children. They can be set up in under 5 minutes and provide excellent protection from the suns harmful UV rays. The beach shelter is also great for storing your beach gear in and gives protection from any wind. Available in a wide range of colours, designs and styles. We are sure to have a beach tent to suit your needs!






Party Tents


Party tents are perfect for birthdays, BBQ's, events, social gatherings and much more. Great range of party tents for sale at fantastic prices. Party tents are the answer to hassle free children's and grown up parties. No mess in your home and you can pitch it at the far end of your garden or against your house wall providing an add on room from your back door. Party tents provide an inexpensive solution to outdoor events and businesses who do a lot of county shows. These tents are strong with easy to assemble steel frames that slot together and guy lines for pegging down.






  1. Children's Play Tents


Great for indoor and outdoor use, our childrens play tents come in a range of colours and designs guaranteed to keep the little ones entertained! The simple design means theres only 2 poles and therefore an easy and fast setup. We recommend the childrens play tent for the garden, beach, park and the bedroom. At only £9.99 the childrens play tent is great value, an inexpensive purchase that will get the children enjoying the outdoors life!





  1. Tarps


Tarps can be a really important piece of camping equipment, they sit above the tent offering shade and protection from any bad weather. Being relatively easy to set up the camping tarp is suitable for everyone and anyone.  A tarp allows you to sit outside your tent, even in the most heavy of rain showers. The best part is your tent wont see a drop of water as the waterproof tarp is large enough to cover a couple of tents!