Expert Advice on Beach Shelters

Whether you are spending a day on the beach or a picnic in the park, a shelter gives sun shelter and privacy.


They also act as a windbreak, keeping light breezes away.


There are a couple things worth considering when picking a beach shelter, the first thing is the sun protection rating which is especially important in a beach shelter, as without this you can still be sun burned unknowingly even if the sun appears not to be getting through the material.


The second thing to consider is if you will want the shelter to be secure so that clothes and towels can be left when you are swimming etc. 

You also can use the closing type shelter for changing.


If so, then a closable shelter will be a better choice.


The Coleman Sundome shelter is UV resistant and will provide shelter from the sun.

Coleman Sundome

This also has sand pockets as well as pegs, so you have the option to use tent pegs, or use the sand pockets to weigh the tent down.


Some shelters can also be used as a place to store bags and towels when at the beach if going swimming as the groundsheet can be pulled up at the front and attached via toggle to the top of the tent so the groundsheet acts as a door.


The Outwell San Antonio can also be closed to give more secure storage, as is shown in this below.

Outwell San Antonio



Shelter such as the Kingcamp Beach Shelter can also be closed in this way.

kingcamp beach shelter

But what if you need something a little bigger than the shelters mentioned above, this can be particularly important if you have children and need extra protection from the sun.


Outwell have a solution for this with the San Julian Shelter which is a hybrid between a tent and a beach shelter.  These can also be used for summer picnics etc.

San Julian Shelter

This type of shelter can’t be fully enclosed, but they provide a better level of shelter than the half dome designs.


With a UPF 50+ sun protection rating you are well protected from the sun as well with this Outwell shelter.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team.