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I need to keep my Wine, Beer and maybe some food cool this Summer, what are my options?

Once you have your tent and sleeping bags sorted, one of the next things most family campers tend to put on the list is a decent camping fridge or coolbox. 

We have a great range of 12v / 230v Cool Boxes which you can plug in at home and put some ice packs in to get down to a decent cool temperature. Then plug it in in the 12V socket in the car and again into the mains once you arrive at the campsite. Cool food and chilled drinks all round as soon as you get to the campsite! These coolboxes will generally cool to approx. 20 degrees below the ambient temperature.

If you don't want the hassle of having to find somewhere to plug in or if you're going to a campsite without hook-up, wild camping, or just heading to the beach then you may prefer to go for a passive coolbox, i.e. one that keeps stuff cool just with ice packs, without having to be plugged in. Check the range out here in various different capacities. Some of these passive coolboxes will keep contents cool for 3 or 4 days!

If it's just a day trip you're going on, or you want something a bit more lightweight to carry to the beach or on a bit of a longer walk then a standard cool bag might be more the ticket for you. Just pop a couple of ice packs in with your cool goods from the fridge to help keep them cool for the day.

If you are looking for something which can operate off mains,12 volt and also has the option to operate off gas then have a browse through the 3 way cooler section. These Absorption coolboxes will generally cool to approx. 20/25 degrees below the ambient temperature and are generally silent in operation.

If you really need to be certain of keeping goods cool or even (on some models) frozen and you want to be able to use a fridge more like the one you have at home then you will need a compressor fridge. These are a lot more expensive than most coolboxes, but if you need to transport medicine or just want peace of mind that your food won't spoil on your journey then these can be a great investment.