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Caravan step


Stepping into your caravan/ motorhome sounds easy, but for some people this can be a challenge to do it on a regular basis. Motorhome and caravans can tend to have an awkward unassisted large step up. This can be especially difficult for children and elderly people as hauling themselves up into the caravan/motorhome 10 or more times a day will take its toll. There is a large range of steps on the market and

Types of steps

Single step

The single step is often the most popular choice for motorhome/ caravan users. Extremely affordable and made to last, single steps are well priced and can be found at the £8 - £15 mark.

Single caravan step

Double step

A double step is perfect for those wanting a greater assistance when getting into their motorhome/ caravan. Slightly more expensive than other options with prices around the £16 - £24 mark. However the double step makes life easier and for some people this item will be a must have!

Double caravan step

Folding step

The folding step combines a solid structure with a functional folding double step, perfect for those wanting to save on space and still have 2 steps. This style of step is in higher end of steps and can be picked up for around £40.

Folding caravan step

Lightweight step

Most liightweight steps are often made from either heavy duty plastic or aluminium. Whilst designed to hold large weights they are also incredibly lightweight and perfect for people wanting to keep the load weight down. This heavy duty plastic step from Kampa can be picked for £5.99!

Lightweight caravan step


Glow in the dark step mats

If you would like to add some visiblity to your steps, then why not get some glow in the dark step mats. At only £2.99 a pair, you can light up your steps when its dark and the kids love them!

Glow in the dark step mats