Expert Advice on Windbreaks

Windbreaks are a great multi purpose outdoor accessory. They make life in the outdoors much easier and are more than affordable, with a wide range of windbreaks on the market. An entry level windbreak can be picked up for £8 -£10 which would be perfect for beach trips through the summer. Where as our top end  windbreak will set you back around £70, definatly one for the more serious campers or motorhomers to consider. Whether your after shelter from the wind or some added privacy, world of camping will have a windbreak suited to you!


Windbreak Options


4 Pole Windbreak - Our 4 pole windbreaks are the smallest we offer. Lightweight, portable, affordable and perfect for days at the beach. Great for small families looking to add a little extra privacy on the campsite or protect themselves from the elements.


5 Pole Windbreak - Very similar to the 4 pole windbreak, but slightly larger. The 5 pole windbreak is very portable and can be set up by one person. Perfect for days on the beach or small families looking for more privacy in their campsite.


6 Pole Windbreak - The 6 pole windbreak is a great sized windbreak. Still small enough to be portable but big enough to give shelter and privacy to a large family. Ideal for a day a the beach or used to cordon off an area at the campsite.


10 Pole Windbreak - The 10 pole windbreak is the largest windbreak we sell. Offering ample amounts of privacy and wind shelter. The 10 pole windbreak has the ability to form a large semi circle making it perfect for large families/gatherings. Because it being alot larger than other windbreaks, it is alot less portable and weighs a fair bit more. We advise getting help when setting the 10 pole windbreak up as it can be abit of handful for an individual!


Transparent Windbreak - Most people will purchase a windbreak for more privacy and shelter from the wind but there are more and more people that are buying window panel windbreaks. These are great for people wanting the protection without being view restricting.


Beach Wind Shelter - The beach shelters are a family favourite across the UK beaches. Lightweight, affordable, easy to set up and very portable. Our beach shelters can be setup in under 1 minute and with more and more on the market, you can even get a pop up shelter! The beach shelter is great for children as it gives them wind protection, but more importantly it gives them UV protection from the sun!

 Beach Wind Shelter



Windbreak Buying Guide


With so many different styles and designs of windbreaks on the market, choosing a windbreak that suits your needs isnt easy. So what makes a good windbreak? As most know, the job of a windbreak is to sheild the wind from a chosen area. We have highlighted some key features to look for when purchasing a windbreak.


  • Buy the right size - Have a think or measure the area you want the windbreak to cover. Windbreaks can range in height and length and the general rule is a windbreak with a larger number of poles tends to be a larger windbreak
  • When purchasing a windbreak, try to find one that comes with a carry case. Not only does it make life easier when carrying but also acts as a protection layer, helping to preserve the windbreaks life
  • Depending on your needs, some windbreaks are designed to add privacy, these are generally a little bit taller than the standard windbreaks. On the flip side to that, we also offer windbreaks that have transparent window panels, giving you shelter whilst not effecting your view
  • Windbreaks vary in the strength of wind they can handle. If your planning on using your windbreak in high winds then it worth your while spending abit more on a windbreak designed to deal with higher wind speeds. For example we wouldn't recommend using an £8.99 beach windbreak in high speed winds over a long period of time. You should look at windbreaks with re-inforced poles and guylines to add strength and stability





Where can I use my windbreak?



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