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What are my options for Storage and Security and other random accessories while I'm camping?

Well, we're glad you asked...

If you are towing a caravan, then there are several things you will need including a breakaway cable and other assorted adapters that will enable you to connect your car electrics to your caravan. Find these items in our Caravan Towing Equipment section on the website.

Hitch locks, wheel clamps and locking cables can all be found in the Safety and Security section. You can never be too careful, and especially if you are wild camping or slightly off-grid then these can be worth their weight in gold.

Many larger campervans or motorhomes have room to have a ladder fitted which allows easy access to the roof of the vehicle - The Ladders section of the website has many high-quality ladder options from Fiamma.

Fiamma makes a selection of high-quality roof boxes which can be fitted on top of the vehicle or on the back, fitted to a bike rack. Provide us with the make, model and year of your vehicle and we will find out which extra storage options are suitable for your vehicle.

If your vehicle doesn't have a roof vent and you would like to fit one yourself then look no further.

Moisture traps and mildew inhibitors can be found in the Damp and Moisture Control section.