Expert Advice on Camping Chairs

Somewhere to sit is essential no matter what type of camping you do, from walking or cycling campers who want a highly compact chair to caravanners and motorhomers that want folding arm chair comfort. 


There are many manufacturers of chairs, but the below is an example of the types of chairs available from our bestselling manufacturers.


Whilst most campers don’t have issues with pack size due to camping with a van or car, those who are travelling by other means will want a comfortable chair with the smallest available pack size.


Robens Pathfinder chair

This is the Robens Pathfinder chair, it combines comfort with very small pack size, it can be packed away into the bag shown in the picture.  This makes it prefect for the those with less available space and weighing less than a Kilogram it is very light too.


Those that don’t have space issues are sure to love the Outwell Casilda moon chair which is a very luxurious chair which is both practical and stylish.  These are very popular and look great outside any tent.

 Outwell Casilda moon chair

Whilst these are padded and offer a good level of comfort particularly for relaxing in the evenings, a relaxer chair will be better for lounging in the sun during the day offering a raising leg rest and great back support.


the Quest Elite Ragley Pro Relaxer

This is the Quest Elite Ragley Pro Relaxer and it is one of the most popular relaxers that we sell and for good reason, it has elasticated suspension for the seat fabric giving extra comfort to the already padded seat material.


It can be reclined to make a sun longer too, these are so good that you will want to use them in the garden at home too.  They fold away too making them great for use on the campsite particularly when caravanning or motor homing.


The chairs previously discussed above will not be suited to use on the beach or on very soft ground , partly as they are top heavy and would not be able to be used on soft sand.


Low chairs are perfect for use on the beach, these Easy camp breaker chairs are stable due their height and have bars instead of feet that spread the load on the sand and soft ground.

Easy camp breaker chairs

They can be reclined as the photo shows and sat upright for taking in the scenery, these are also great for relaxing at the campsite and because they are a low chair, they take up little room.


Summer evenings can be cold, and for that reason a breakthrough in chair design is available at an affordable price.


These Chaheati chairs are heated allowing for more comfort in colder conditions, they are also available as a pair for even better value.

Chaheati chairs

Available in black as well as red and black, these chairs make great gifts, they can be used in all seasons and can extend the outdoor season.


They feature Lithium Ion battery packs for long life and can be recharged for cheap and more environmentally friendly usage.


But if you already have a chair that you like then the Chaheati add on is a great buy.

Chaheati add on

These work in the same way as the chaheati chair, but can be added to any non-heated chair to make it heated.


Directors chairs are great for all round use when camping, folding away into a flat shape which can be easily stowed when packing away.

 Kampa chairman

This is the Kampa chairman and it is a great director’s chair, it has padded material which makes it much more comfortable, and the bonus of a reinforced drinks table at the side for convenience.


These types of chairs are perfect for use inside a tent as they don’t take up much space when in use due to their shape.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team here