Expert Advice on Caravan Awnings

Caravans are a comfortable way to camp when on holiday and they are good in bad weather, offering great levels of shelter.


An awning will provide somewhere to sit outside in wet weather, whilst also proving an outside shelter away from insects on summer evenings.


They also can be used to increase the sleeping size of a caravan, particularly when an inner tent is used which creates an extra bedroom that in some cases can be left up throughout the day too.


Caravan awnings are available in many different shapes and sizes and caravan rail heights and it is important to know the height of your caravan’s attachment rail before purchasing an awning along with the length attachment area on the caravan.


There are also different frame types for caravan awnings although the ones we stock are the fibreglass poled or air inflatable types of frames, we don’t stock the heavier canvas awnings with steel frames.


A good starting place for caravan awnings is the Sunncamp Swift 260 Deluxe porch Awning.

Sunncamp Swift 260 Deluxe porch Awning

This awning has a single fibreglass pole construction and allows for quick assembly and lighter pack size.

This type of awning is categorised as a porch awning, it is perfect for drying dogs, leaving wet coats and shoes. 


If the awning is used to sit in or to sleep in then a larger awning would be needed, and the Outwell Pebble 360 Air is perfect for this.  It also features an air inflatable system which allows for quick and easy set up along with more rigidity and no fibreglass poles.

Outwell Pebble 360 Air

These awnings are constructed from a material that is both long lasting and attractive, they are also available in different sizes.

It also includes the draught strip that fits along the lower edge of the caravan and prevents wind blowing under the caravan.


An additional side pod is available for this awning, and they are perfect for use as a sleeping area for guests.

side pod is available for this awning

Some awnings don’t have the included weather strip and will require the fitting of a draught strip to the caravan.


Most caravans have a 6mm channel that runs along the lower edge of the caravan that the draught strip fits to. 

Caravan Strip

This strip can be threaded into the strip at the bottom of the caravan, and as it hangs down it blacks the draught from under the caravan.

Wheel arches are not covered by the above, so a separate wheel arch cover is available.


Not everyone wants an awning that is enclosed, as it will only be used to sit under in good weather or light rain, and it won’t be slept in. 


For this requirement a canopy will be better, they are available in several different sizes and offer a lot offer a windbreak both sides and a shelter over the top.

Sunncamp Swift 260 Canopy

This is the Sunncamp Swift 260 Canopy and it is a mid-size shelter designed for use with medium sized caravans.


Wind out shelters are also available to fit caravans, there are specific awnings made for caravans that can be attached and detached from the caravan whenever required.

Fiamma Caravanstore

This is the Fiamma Caravanstore, it is very similar to the driveaway awnings that are available for campervans and motorhome.

Due to their soft construction most, caravans are not suitable for the attachment of fixed wind out awnings.


Because of this, Fiamma have developed the caravanstore to resolve this issue, these awnings fix to the C rail attachment point on the corner of the caravan and can be pulled in and out as required which spreads the load on the side of the van.


The case for the awning is constructed from cloth instead of the Aluminium that the van wind-out awnings are constructed from.


The legs extend from the centre of the roll to support the weight of the awning when it is assembled and suspend the awning.


These types of awning offer sun shade and light rain protection, although there is a room available that goes with the Caravanstore and turns it into an enclosed awning.

Fiamma Caravanstore Zip

As can be seen above the walls fit to the slot in the bottom of the front rail.


These Privacy Rooms give an enclosed area that can be used like a regular awning and provides shelter from rain and moderate bad weather, it also provides somewhere dry to leave wet shoes, clothes etc.


They are available in various sizes to match the awning that you have on the side of the caravan.

Privacy Rooms

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team here.