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Motorhome Storage Covers


motorhome storage cover


If you aren’t lucky enough to have a sheltered storage space for your motorhome during the winter months, you should really think about investing in a motorhome cover. All weather covers are a great way of preserving the life of your motorhome and when you’re spending £20,000+ on a motorhome, what is an extra £150? The price can range depending on the size of cover you need, but a cover is worth every penny. A motorhome cover will prevent rust and the general exterior of the vehicle.


Why should I get a motorhome cover?


 If you want to preserve your motorhomes life then investing in a storage cover will definately add years to your motorhome. If you don't use your motorhome all year round then covering your motorhome up in the Winter months is a must. If you dont have a garage large enough, or a sheltered space that you could use then the best option would be using a motorhome storage cover. We also recommend using a storage cover if you and your motorhome are situated near the sea for long periods of time as the salt in the sea breze will damage the exterior.


What will happen if i dont have a motorhome cover?

By not protecting your motorhome with a cover you are allowing natures elements to gradually effect the appearence of your beloved motorhome. For example:

  • Sunlight will fade the interior and exterior
  • Over exposed to bad weather could lead to rusting
  • Build up of leaves and dirt
  • Risk of the inside getting damp and mouldy
  • The windscreen and windows risk being scratched


Will it damage my motorhome?

NO, motorhome storage covers are specially designed to protect and preserve your motorhome/caravan. They have added features that give all the protection needed for your motorhome to withstand the British weather. For example, it has fleece lined panels to protect the windscreen and windows from getting scratched. The inside of the cover is a very soft and durable fabric that will not scratch your motorhome, whereas the outside is a strong canvas like material that is UV protected and waterproof.

However this being said, cheaper tarpaulin style motorhome covers may not offer as much protection to the motorhome. Depending on your budget a high quality motorhome cover can cost £100 - £200. We recommend investing in a good motorhome cover and that will last a life time!



How do I know what size I need?

With there being so many different motorhomes and carvans on the market, sizes can vary hugely and manufacturers have created a wide range of covers to suit all motorhome/caravan needs.

The majority of storage covers are sized in meters. So when measuring your motorhome, be sure to measure in meters!

The key areas to measure are : length, height and width.

By obtaining these measurements, you should then be able to work out the size of cover you need! If you dont, then seek assistance from the company you are looking to buy from and they should be able help you.