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  1. Manhattan 3Kw Portable Flueless Gas Heater - Front | Coolers and Heaters
    SRP: £299.00
  2. Universal Innovations Provence Gas Heater | Coolers and Heaters
    SRP: £429.99
    In Stock
  3. Outdoor Revolution Portable Gas Heater | Coolers and Heaters
    Now £39.99 SRP: £63.00
    In Stock
  4. Outwell ECOcool AC/DC Cooler Adaptor    | Coolers and Heaters
    SRP: £21.99
    In Stock
  5. Outwell ECOcool Lite Dark Blue 24L 12V | Coolers and Heaters
    Now £56.19
    In Stock
  6. Outdoor Revolution Pro Eco Heater | Coolers and Heaters
    Now £32.95 SRP: £50.00
    In Stock
  7. Sahara Heat Cool Pure Portable Electric Heater  | Coolers and Heaters
    SRP: £349.99
    In Stock
  8. Vango Ice Bricks 2 Pack  | Coolers and Heaters
    Now £3.75 SRP: £6.00
    In Stock
  9. Outdoor Revolution Eco Deep Extreme Compressor Cooler 45L | Coolers and Heaters
    Now £338.99 SRP: £479.00
    In Stock
  10. Outwell Arctic Frost 55 Cooler | Coolers and Heaters
    Now £521.99 SRP: £649.99
    In Stock
  11. Quest Tristar Quartz Heater Switched On | Coolers and Heaters
    SRP: £24.99
    In Stock
  12. Outwell San Juan Fan | Coolers and Heaters
    Now £11.69 SRP: £29.99
    In Stock

Which kind of coolbox is going to be best for my camping trip?

There is such a choice where coolboxes are concerned that it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for one.

If you’re just on a short day trip to the beach or the park and you want something lightweight, then you may just want to take a cool bag. These are easy to carry and with an ice pack chucked in will keep your beers and sandwiches cool for a few hours.

If you are going off-grid, to a campsite without electric hook-up, to the park, the beach or on a picnic, or basically anywhere away from electricity, but you still want to chill and carry a decent amount of food and drinks then have a look at our Passive Cooler range. This year the Vango Pinnacle Range of coolers offers an extensive range of options including some wheeled models, all of these will keep contents chilled for 3 or 4 days. Always use with ice packs for maximum efficiency.

The most popular coolboxes by far now are the thermoelectric type. These fan driven coolers work on 230V mains and 12V car electrics and will cool to between 18 and 20 degrees below the outside temperature. These are best used in conjunction with a couple of ice packs to maximise efficiency and minimise temperature. This type is very reasonably priced and if used properly are ample for most trips within the UK, except for the very odd heatwave. Great to throw in the boot for a day out or a longer camping trip. Most of these also have an optional heating function.

If you have a little more space and are looking for something a bit more versatile then a 3-way absorption cooler may be for you. These cost a bit more but are more efficient and will cool to at least 25 degrees below ambient temperature. Absorption coolers are silent running and will work on 230 mains, 12V and on gas. For more detailed spec please see individual listings on each cooler.  Absorption coolers are generally 35 - 40 litres capacity and bigger units because of the gas workings. Ideal for use in your Caravan or Motorhome Awning.

Compressor Fridges that work on a thermostat similar to your fridge at home are the most versatile type, which is reflected in the price. Fridge Freezers in the Outwell Deep Cool range are aimed at consumers who need a guarantee they can keep their goods at a certain temperature, whether this is chilled, or frozen.