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  1. Easy Camp Single Sleeping Bag Liner | Beds & Bedding
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  2. Outwell Single Bag Liner | Beds & Bedding
    Now £20.95 SRP: £22.99
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  3. Outdoor Revolution Camp Star Midi 100mm Self Inflating Mat | Beds & Bedding
    SRP: £115.00
  4. Outdoor Revolution Star Fall King 400 | Beds & Bedding
    SRP: £125.00
    In Stock
  5. Outdoor Revolution Starfall Midi 400 Sleeping Bag with Pillow Case | Beds & Bedding
    Now £54.99 SRP: £75.00
    Out of Stock
  6. Outdoor Revolution Sunstar Double 200 Blue Coral Sleeping Bag | Beds & Bedding
    Now £39.99
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  7. Dreamboat Campervan Self Inflating Mat | Beds & Bedding
    Now £188.99 SRP: £244.99
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  8. Outwell FHF Pump Adaptor | Beds & Bedding
    Now £3.49 SRP: £4.89
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  9. Vango Radiate Heat Mat | Beds & Bedding
    Now £34.45 SRP: £60.00
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  10. Outdoor Revolution Journey 300 Single Sleeping Bag | Beds & Bedding
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  11. Outdoor Revolution Rechargeable Tube Pump | Beds & Bedding
    Now £44.99 SRP: £63.00
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  12. Duvalay VW Campervan Compact Travel Topper (190cm x 115 cm) | Beds & Bedding
    In Stock

What’s the best sleeping bag and type of camp bed for me to take camping and have the best night’s sleep?

The Beds and Bedding section is arguably the most important section of camping equipment that we sell. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep!

Most of you will already have a sleeping bag but if yours needs an upgrade we have a huge range of sleeping bags available in various shapes and sizes and suitable for anywhere between 2 and 4 seasons.

We have both Mummy and Rectangular type sleeping bags, singles and doubles. Some of the single ones (but not all!) can be zipped together to make doubles. This information along with a host of other details (along with thickness, dimensions, pack size etc) is available in the Specification section for each product. We also sell sleeping bag liners which help insulate and mean you have to wash the sleeping bag less often.

Unless you are ok sleeping on the bare groundsheet, you’ll need to decide what you want to sleep on. Airbeds used to be the most popular, but these are being fast overtaken by self-inflating mats (or SIMs). The foam inside these mats expands when you open the valve and once closed off, you’re sleeping on a comfy layer of air-cushioned foam. These are available in thicknesses between 2.5cm anywhere up to a luxurious 15cm (perfect for people with bad backs). No pump is needed!

For those that like to sleep a bit higher off the ground, we have camp beds available, including our most popular seller, the Outwell Posadas, available in single, XL and double sizes. Increasingly, campers are using both a camp bed and SIM combined for the ultimate in-home from home comfort.