Expert Advice on Folding Camp Beds

When camping it is essential to have a suitable sleeping bed set up for the type of camping you do, for example a family camper will prefer a sturdy and well-built camp bed, whereas a trekker or touring camper will want a compact lightweight bed with a small pack size.


We stock a range of different folding camp beds to suit almost every campers’ requirements and situation.


Airbeds are great for low purchase price and ease of storage, but they have the disadvantage of being less warm to sleep on than a camp bed, they are also vulnerable to punctures which can make them unusable.


The most popular camp bed that we sell is the Outwell Posadas which combines sturdy design and quality materials with a sturdy steel frame.

Outwell Posadas

These fold out easily and provide a confidence inspiring stable surface to sleep, once folded they fit into a bag for easier transportation.

Posadas Bed Bag

These beds are great for family camping due to their high strength,stability and quality materials.

A wider version is available of this camp bed for more comfort and space, perfect for those who prefer more room.


This is the Xl version of the Posadas camp bed.

 Xl version of the Posadas

Featuring the same folding mechanism as the single Posadas it has the same sturdy steel construction.

folding double version of the Posadas bed

A folding double version of the Posadas bed is a great way to fit two beds into the bedroom area of a tent and because it is fundamentally two posadas beds in one, there is a central support bar running length wise down the bed.  This prevents rolling together which is otherwise unavoidable on most double suspended canvas folding camp beds.


These camp beds are comfortable, but the Outwell centuple offers even higher levels of comfort due to a luxurious deep foam mattress topper.  Utilising the same proven technology as the Posadas bed these beds provide a softer and higher comfort level.

Outwell centuple

The topper is removable for easy cleaning and storage, the bed can also be used without the topper if required.


These camp beds are very versatile and strong but don’t fold up as small as some campers will require when travelling.


There is also a range of camp beds available that take up less space and are lighter than those above, the Kampa Slumber is constructed from poles that are disassembled when not in use, so while it takes a little longer to assemble, it allows for a smaller pack size.

Kampa Slumber

The legs also provide some sprung support for extra comfort.


The Robens Outpost camp beds have an even smaller pack size again featuring light weight frames and more folding sections.  As the photo demonstrates the bed folds to full size but has a very small pack size.  These are perfect for campers with limited space when travelling light such as motorcycle touring.

Robens Outpost camp beds

Despite its tiny pack size, these beds can withstand a user weight of 120kg despite a weight of only 3kg due to its strong but light Aluminum frame.


For those that want a comfortable bed at night, and a luxurious padded lounger in the day, the Outwell Cordoba is the perfect choice. 

The back rest is adjustable from fully reclined to lounger position through the adjustment knobs on the side.


Outwell Cordoba

Whilst padded material makes for a more comfortable experience.


There really is a camp bed for most situations.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team here