Expert Advice on Motor Movers

Few caravanners find manoeuvring a caravan either into a storage space or pitch easy.  Particularly if there is little room to move the tow vehicle around to achieve the correct turning angle.


A motor mover allows this to be completed easily and with minimal effort and fit the caravan into spaces that would previously been impossible.


So how does it work?

Comprising of a frame that fits underneath a caravan attached to the chassis and either 2 or 4 electric units that (when engaged) contact the vans wheels and provides drive.

 Motor mover













This is a Powrtouch Classic mover engaged on the wheel of a caravan.

A wireless remote allows for the controlling of the movers in a simple and easy to use method.

Motor mover remote











This remote is from a Powrtouch evolution twin Axle Auto.


The Rollers that contact the wheel are moved into contact with the tyre when the mover is used, but then are moved away from the tyre to allow for the caravan to be towed as usual.

The way that the rollers are moved into contact with the tyres varies depending on the model of mover.

Manual movers are engaged with a socket driver (similar to a wheel wrench) once the roller is engaged the wrench can be removed. The mover can then be used by controlling it with the remote control.  Once the mover has been used then it can be disengaged from the tyre and the caravan can then be towed as normal.


Automatic movers use an electric motor to engage the roller to the tyre, so no manual effort is required.  This is by far the easiest method of engaging the mover, and has the benefit of being tool free.


So where do Powrtouch movers source the power to operate?

They use the Leisure battery in your caravan, but don’t worry there is a 20min power off function to stop accidental flattening of the battery.


Are they difficult to fit?

That depends on your skill level and the caravan it is being fitted to.  They require a frame to be fitted to the underside of the caravan chassis, so this requires attaching underneath the caravan.

It also requires wiring to the caravan’s power supply.  You will need access to various DIY tools and knowledge.  If this sounds like something you would be confident in doing, then you should be able to fit the mover yourself.

If you would rather give fitting the mover yourself a miss, then it might be better to get it fitted by one of Powrtouch’s approved fitters.  It is easy to arrange the fitting with us, simply add the fitting item to your basket when you checkout, and Powrtouch will contact you to arrange fitting.


Can a twin axle caravan have a mover fitted?

Yes, it can.  Powrtouch have catered for twin axle caravans and have developed 2 different types of mover that are compatible.


Do they reduce ground clearance?

Yes, but on most caravans the amount they reduce it by Is not noticeable even when clearing curbs or speed humps.


Do Powrtouch movers fit all caravans?

No, Powrtouch movers are designed to fit caravans with either AL-KO or BPW Chassis.  If you have a caravan that is based on a different chassis, then please contact us to check fitment before purchasing.


So, what’s the difference in the different Powrtouch models?

Powrtouch Classic

Motor mover














Under ideal conditions, this mover will move up to 1500kg of caravan up a 1 in 4 incline.  It is a manually engaged mover, so it requires using a tool to engage the mover with the tyre.

This is also the cheapest mover in the Powrtouch range.  This type of mover is only suitable for single axle caravans.


Powrtouch Evolution

Motor mover

These movers are the latest design of caravan movers.

They have the added benefit of taking up less space under the caravan, along with being able to move any weight of caravan up an incline of 1 in 4.


Powrtouch Evolution Single Axle Caravan Movers

Motor mover


Available in both manual (pictured) and automatic (electrically engaging) the single axle caravan mover is suitable for single axle caravans and offers excellent performance with the ability to move a caravan of any weight up a 1 in 4 gradient.


Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle Movers

Motor mover

This twin axle(2WD) mover, which features 2 motors on either the front or rear wheels is the cheapest way of fitting a mover to a twin axle caravan. 

This type of mover works well but doesn’t allow a twin axle caravan to make tight turns.  If tight turns aren’t required, then this type of mover is better value.

It is also available in Auto (pictured) and manual versions.

Motor mover

Whereas if tight turns are required then the Powrtouch Twin Axle AWD is a better choice.  Featuring motors on all four wheels, it allows the caravan to be turned on the spot.

It is also much more effective on slippery surfaces.  Once again it is available in Automatic and Manual versions.



If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team.