Expert Advice on Water Sports

Most people imagine that kayaking is an expensive and elitist hobby that requires expensive carriers to strap a kayak to the top of a car, or an expensive trailer behind a tow car.


But in the case of the Sevylor Kayaks and Canoes these take the difficulty out from transporting your kayak and are an affordable alternative to a regular canoe or kayak.


Working in a similar principal to those of an air inflatable tent, they feature a rubber inner tube which is inflated inside a rubberized canvas type sleeve as can be seen in the photo below. 

Kayak 1

This has the benefit of being able to be packed away quickly into a case for easy transportation.

The Riviera Kayak is a great value and can be used with 2 people.

Riviera Kayak

These kayaks are very durable and are ideal for use when camping.

Kayak 2

If you would prefer a starter kit, we have you covered with all you need to get out on the water with this Sevylor Colorado Kayak kit.

Sevylor Colorado Kayak kit

The paddles fold to allow easy transportation, and the foot pump has an included pressure gauge to prevent over inflation.


Small families are also catered for with the Tahiti Plus Kayak having 3 seats, this can also be used for 2 people with luggage space.

Tahiti Plus Kayak

If you plan on using your kayak in flowing water, it may make it easier to control with a Skeg Fin to attach to your kayak.

Skeg Fin

This has the benefit of stabilizing the kayak and stopping it from being slid around as muck sideways in the water.  It also increases the efficiency of the kayak as it reduces the amount of wasted sided to side movement as you paddle on the water.



But how about a more traditional approach to being out on the water.


Canoes are a great way to glide around the waterways taking in your surroundings.


The Sevylor Canoe kit is a great way to explore waterways in style.

Sevylor Canoe kit

Best suited to gliding along inland waterways this kit should provide hours of enjoyment.

All these canoes and Kayaks are test inflated by the manufacturer before being supplied giving you peace of mind.


If the worst should happen and an inflatable tube should be damaged beyond repair, replacement inners are available.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team.