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Toilet Chemicals


At World of Camping we stock a wide range of toilet accessories and toilet chemicals. The toilet chemicals we offer are brand leading products that will help towards killing germs and removing odours, whilst  maintaining the up keep and  condition of the toilet.



Woc Blue toilet fluidWoc Pink Toilet Rinse

What Chemicals To Use For Your Portable Toilet?


BLUE - For the waste tank and breaking down waster matter in the bowl.

Blue or green chemicals are applied for use in the waste tank. The blue or green chemicals in your waste water tank help break down whatever is in there, whilst also helping to keep smells at bay. They break down waste matter in the holding tank for easy removal whilst also reducing unpleasant odours and build up of gas.

PINK  - For the clean water tank and flush.

Pink Chemicals are built for work with flushing water. The pink chemicals for flushing water have multiple functions, as well as keeping the flush fresh and clean, it also cleans out deposits, working like a home cleaner to clean off grime. Pink chemicals are added to the fresh water tank to ensure a smoother flush and is perfumed to combat unpleasant odours. 

Toxicity in Toilet Chemicals

Some toilet chemical designed to break down waste matter are toxic, and can contain formaldehyde. Other toilet chemicals are made without formaldehyde so are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Formaldehyde is used in a variety of other professions, and is a strong chemical.
The reason formaldehyde is used in toilet chemicals is because it is such an effective product. It is worth noting that due to it’s strength, formaldehyde is a toxic chemical, which means it can be harmful if used incorrectly. This is incorrect as it does not even say