Expert Advice on Chemicals

Most caravans and motorhomes come equipped with a chemical toilet, and some campers will take a portable toilet on site with them when staying in a tent.


All Chemical toilets require a preservative to keep the waste under control and prevent bacteria and odour growth.


They also have a flushing tank that in most cases will require the use of a flush additive, not only does this prevent bacteria and algae growth in the flushing tank, but it also coats the bowl in a protecting coating which makes cleaning easier, whilst keeping odours in the bowl at bay.


Whilst most people have a preferred brand and type of fluid there are a few different options available.


The holding tank requires Blue or green fluid whereas the flushing tank requires the pink fluid.


Blue is the simplest holding tank additive, and this can be used successfully, this is the original fluid and is usually the cheapest option available.


Blue fluid usually contains Formaldehyde and whilst this does a good job of preserving the waste it is not particularly good for the environment, some campsites will no longer permit the usage of non-environmentally friendly waste fluids. 

This World of Camping Blue is a big seller

World of Camping Blue

It is not permitted to empty chemical toilets into storm drains or in fields and hedges etc as it causes environmental damage and pollution.

Blue fluid should also not be emptied into a waste system that uses a septic tank as the fluid will damage the natural bacteria that allows the tank to function.


Blue Fluid is available from several different brands and bottle sizes along with different concentrations.


Dissolving sachets are available that are quicker, easier and have no chance of spillage compared to the liquids.

The liquids need to be roughly measured to get the dosage right whereas the sachets are dropped into the waste holding tank once the tank has been emptied and washed out, they dissolve a measured dose of the fluid into the tank once the sachet gets wet, making it quick, easy and mess free.

For example, these Thetford Aqua Kem Sachets.

Aqua Kem Sachets

For a more environmentally friendly alternative the green fluid can be used, whilst this still cannot be emptied into storm drains or into hedges or fields it can be used in a septic tank as it will not damage the natural bacteria.

Aqua Kem Green


This is because amongst other ingredients it does not include Formaldehyde


Sachets are available in the green colour as well, and they make the process even easier whilst still being more environmentally friendly.  These Aqua Kem Green Sachets from Thetford are a popular alternative to the blue versions.

Aqua Kem Green Sachets

Most pink fluids such as the World of Camping pink Fluid can be emptied into septic tanks if required along with waste when the green fluid has been used.

World of Camping Pink

As an alternative, Elsan have developed Superkem which is a holding tank fluid that can also be used in the flush tank.


To use it in the flush tank it is diluted additionally.


It simplifies the number of bottles that you need to carry with you and means less to carry to the emptying station too.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team here.