Expert Advice on Outwell Collaps Range

Folding equipment is a great way to reduce the amount of space your camping equipment takes up without removing functionality.



This is the largest range of folding equipment that we stock, and features some innovative products.  They are from the manufacturer Outwell and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.  They are manufactured from silicone folding parts and either BPA free Plastic or Stainless Steel.

Collaps bowls are very popular and are very space efficient once folded.


Collaps bowls

They are available in small medium and large and in either white or green.  They can also be used to serve hot or cold food.

There is also a Colander available in the same range.


 If you are looking for a solution to carrying large and bulky cooking pans with you on your travels, then the 4.5l and 2.5l cooking pot is the ideal solution.

cooking pot











They are heat proof, so it can be used on a stove.

But compared to a regular cooking pots they take up very little room once folded. 



There is also a 1.5l saucepan available which compliments the 4.5l and 2.5l cooking pot range.

1.5l saucepan









The handle has also been insulated so that it is easier to handle when the saucepan is hot. 

The handle also folds inside the folded pan, further compacting the folded dimensions.



Kettles traditionally also take up space when being transported but Outwell have the solution, with the Collaps Kettle.

Collaps KettleCollaps Kettle









Not only does it take up less space than a traditional kettle, it is more stylish too.  It is also available in white as well as green and in 1.5l and 2.5l sizes.

It is designed for use on a gas stove, so it is designed for use on direct heat.

Collaps Kettle









After you have used your Collapsible kitchen equipment you will be wanting a solution to clean your dishes and once more Outwell have designed a product especially for this purpose.

Collaps Washing Bowl













This is the Outwell Collaps Washing Bowl.

It is the compact way to cleanse dishes, or even for carrying around items from the washing station back to your tent or campervan.



Regular water carriers are very wasteful on space when travelling as they almost always travel empty.

The Outwell Collaps water carrier addresses this in style and in 2 different vibrant colours; white and green.

water carrier water carrier

With a capacity of 12L and a helpful carry handle, it is practical as well as stylish.

Folded size is   37cm x 32cm x 8.5cm so it is also extremely compact when Folded.



One of those items that is enormously handy but not one that you would think of is a collapsing bucket.

Regular buckets are not very easy to store or pack when camping, but this one has addressed all those issues.

 collapsing bucketcollapsing bucket



For those who want a more stylish tent lighting solution then this Outwell Polaris Collaps Lamp is the item for you, available in white green and blue.

Outwell Polaris Collaps Lamp

Constructed of the same durable materials as the other Outwell Collaps range they are tough yet compact.

The Polaris lamp is battery operated from 6 AA batteries, so it is great when you don’t have hook up at the campsite and with LED technology the batteries will last up to 15hours.



If you would prefer a mains operated collapsing tent lighting system, then the Outwell Leonis is the answer.

Outwell Leonis

At 300 Lumens of light output the Leonis can illuminate the interior of even the largest tent in warm light.

Outwell Leonis

Once it is folded it can be used as a downlighter, or in a n are where there is reduced headroom. 



There is also a Collaps solution to most carrying needs too including a crater with handle, storage box and washing base with lid.

These are available in multiple colours, white, blue or green.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the sales team