Expert Advice on Inflatable Chairs

From stylish luxury sofas to compact festival friendly inflatable chairs we stock a range of inflatable furniture.


The cheapest and most compact inflatable chair we stock is the deluxe inflatable double chair, it is compact and good value, Ideal for festivals.

deluxe inflatable double chair



The next in our range is the Easy Camp comfy inflatable chair which is inspired by traditional armchairs.  It has a seat height of 30cm and is a great choice for use in larger tents or motorhome awnings.  It can easily be deflated and inflated manually or electrically and is a great solution if storage space is limited.

Easy Camp comfy inflatable chair


If the inflatable chair above is too formal for you, or maybe you just want something for relaxing in the garden or at the campsite, then this Inflatable lounger from Easy Camp is for you.

Inflatable lounger from Easy Camp



If you are looking for compact inflatable chairs that are great for use in a smaller tent or Awning, then these inflatable relaxers from Vango are a good choice.

The shape of the chairs is also great for sitting round a table for example as they are shaped to fit together in a circle. 

inflatable relaxers from Vango


If you prefer to either have more space or seat two together then a sofa or double chair is a good choice for seating two or lounging on.


The Inflatable Settee from Vango can seat two and has a 250kg max load capacity.  It features a flocked surface and is useful for lounging as it is 220cm long, which is long enough to stretch out on.

Inflatable Settee from Vango


Or if you want to make the most of the space in your tent and haven’t got the space to have chairs and a double airbed then the Double Sofabed from Vango is a great option as it does both jobs.

the Double Sofabed from Vango


The Sofa back doubles as a headboard making the bed more comfortable.  And once the bed is folded back up then it converts into a Sofa:

Vango Sofa


If these options are not stylish enough, or if you prefer a more traditional chair then these chairs from Outwell may be what you are looking for.  Best suited to camping with a hook up or use in a caravan or motorhome awning.  They could even be used as extra chairs at parties and gatherings as they can be inflated quickly and won’t look out of place, they also will pack away small when no longer required.

The cover is constructed from 100% Polyester which makes the chairs even more comfy and luxurious.

 Lake Huron

This is the Lake Huron Single arm chair.


Lake Superior double chair

This is the Lake Superior double chair


They feature a mains powered inflator built in for quick and effortless inflation.

Lake Huron inflation

They also come with an adaptor to manually inflate them if required.


We are sure you can find an inflatable chair to match your needs.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the customer services team