Expert Advice on Drive Away Awnings

Most campervanners and motorhomers appreciate a little more space when camping in their vans, particularly when staying on a campsite for longer periods of time.


A driveaway awning is perfect for expanding the useable space in the van, the driveaway awning is defined by its ability to be left at the campsite while the van is used as transport when on Holiday.


There are a wide range of awning types available, they vary in shapes and sizes and in frame type.


Price and preference are the main deciders between air frame and pole framed awnings, there are advantages and disadvantages for both.


Depending on the vehicle attachment height depends which awning will be available for your vehicle, although most awnings are available in different attachment heights.


A good generic awning that will fit most vans is the Outdoor Revolution Movelite Cayman Drive Away Awning  available in both low and high attachment heights. It uses a cross frame pole system meaning that the poles are assembled diagonally over the top and cross over at the top instead of a tunnel shape where the poles run side to side in an arch shape.

Outdoor Revolution Movelite Cayman Drive Away

The dome shape allows for good headroom and more stability when the vehicle is removed from the side.


Tunnel driveaway awnings are also available and offer an easier to assemble alternative to the above awning, they tend to run parallel to the van, due to this they are more likely to fit comfortably in smaller pitches when at the campsite.

Vango Noosa awning

This Vango Noosa awning not only looks good with any van, it also provides a ready to go canopy at the front which stops rain entering the awning when the door is open.


The awning is also very light at only 12.7 kg making it very easy to transport and load in and out of your vehicle too.

Outwell Cruising Milestone Pro Awning

This Outwell Cruising Milestone Pro Awning is a great dome awning with the added benefit of the door covering hood which is very similar to that fitted to the Vango Noosa awning above.

It has lots of features usually associated with the larger Outwell Family tents compacted into a very practical Driveaway awning.


In recent years increasing numbers of awnings are becoming available with air inflatable tubes, which have benefits over traditional pole driveaway awnings (to se the advantages please see our other knowledge hub on air inflatable awnings)


Just like Poled awnings, air awnings are available in either tunnel design or cross frame and dome shapes.  The Vango Kela V is a very popular awning and features a tunnel design.


Constructed from a rip stop material that minimized the affect of damage should any damage occur these make a very practical choice, even if the downside is a slightly heavier weight when packed away.The Vango Kela V


Whilst a poled awning may be lighter, these awnings are pitched in one go so there is no need to feed the poles through each time and remove them afterwards, just release the air valve and fold the awning away into its carry bag.


For longer trips away a larger awning will be more useful, and the Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Movelite T4 shown below is perfect for longer family trips away particularly with a smaller van.

Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Movelite T4

It features a similar rip stop material to the Vango above, the windows have curtains so it can be used comfortably as a sleeping area and if more privacy is required an optional inner tent is available separately.

The front canopy area can also be used for cooking under and a place to sit in the evenings.


A different approach to driveaway awnings is available in the guise of the Vango Airhub Hexaway.

Vango Airhub Hexaway

This is a different take on the regular driveaway awning and offers a large dome with standing room throughout.

The windows are made from mesh so they allow lots of ventilation, which is very refreshing on a hot summers day.


It offers a different design to most air awnings with a single inflation point linked hex tube layout for the airbeams.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team here