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I hear some of the Fiamma Awnings have Privacy Rooms available to turn them into a full enclosure?

Yes, you heard it right, there are some Privacy Rooms and Panels that are specifically designed to fit some Fiamma Awnings.

If you have a Caravanstore you want to be able to make it into a full enclosure, then you will need the Fiamma Privacy Room CS Light XL.

The most popular Fiamma Awning by far is the Fiamma F45. If you have one of these and you want to be able to fully sit inside with fitting front and sides, then you will need the Fiamma Privacy Room F45s / F45L.

Convert your F45s or F45L awning canopy into a full useable room with thanks to Fiamma’s Medium Privacy Room. The Medium privacy room connects to your Fiamma Winch Awning at a height from the ground between 225 and 250cm.

Depending on the length of your current F45, simply select the corresponding size Privacy Room.

If you have a Fiamma F45 Awning or a Fiamma F80 Awning and would like a lighter weight solution as a privacy room, then look no further than the Fiamma Privacy Room Ultra Light.

You will also find separate Blockers and Side Walls in the section if you want a more temporary and lightweight way to make an enclosure. These items can be bought separately.