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What accessories and add ons are available to accompany my coolbox?

Our fridge accessories go hand in hand with our range of cool boxes, bags and fridges. Ice Packs and fridge bags that are insulated are ideal for packing up a cool bag picnic or buying fresh meat or fish during the day and transporting it home chilled for the barbecue.

Our camping fridge accessories also include coolbox adaptors which enable you to plug a 12v cooler into the mains, ventilation and fixing kits. Our competitive prices and helpful customer service team ensure you make the right purchase.

A Power inverter can be a handy thing to have in the car with you. These enable you to plug a mains plug into the 12v car socket.

You can also find cooling fans in this section, so if it's a hot summers day, grab one of these to give yourself some respite from the heat.