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How many different kinds of camping tables are there and which one is right for me?

Well, in short, there are loads, and the best one for you will most likely depend on how many people you want to sit around it and how much space you have to store and transport it.

If you need a small table just to put next to you as a bedside table or as a little side table next to your chair for a drink on a hot day then we have plenty of great value foldable small tables available.

Our Standard Tables section is full of regular camping tables that you would want to pull your camping chair up to sit and have a meal with your family. Most of these will fit 4 or 6 people, some fold in half and some fold flat. All tables will have their length, width and height listed in the "Specifications" section on the product listing, so make sure you click on all the green tabs to check all the relevant details.

Bamboo Tables are becoming increasingly popular with campers these days, the stylish finish of the bamboo table tops adds a touch of class to the campsite set up. The bamboo itself being such a fast-growing product is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

There's nothing worse than sitting at a wobbly table if you don't have a pile of beer mats to sort out the problem! For that very reason, there are now a whole host of adjustable height tables available. Some of these tables just have a couple of height options, but on some of them, you can set each leg height individually, check the specifications on each individual listing to see what features each table offers.

If you're really tight on space or you're backpacking but still have the need for a little table then we have a few tables that pack down really small. Check out the Compact Tables section of the World of Camping website.

If you're camping for long periods of time and want something really durable then head over to the Weatherproof Tables section of the website. Here you will find a selection of tables that generally have a higher UV resistance and a better degree of water resistance than your average camping table. So if you're the type that may forget to pack your table away of an evening after a few relaxing drinks by the campfire, then check out these tables.

Sometimes it makes sense to get all the table and chair requirements done in one fell swoop, if you want an easy option then we have a selection of Picnic Table and Chairs sets with which you either fold out the table and it has 4 seats built-in, or a set of separate stools or benches that come with it.