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What kind of size tent shall I get and how many berths do I need?

Tent manufacturers will tell you how many people can fit in the bedroom compartments of their tents by giving them a berth rating. i.e. if the tent will sleep 4 in the bedroom compartments, then it is referred to as a 4 berth tent. Most people will select a tent that allows one or more people than their required number so that they have a little extra space. This being said, a lot of tents have large living areas, and there is nothing preventing extra people from sleeping in that area, this is particularly popular at festivals!

When buying a tent, you will find they are usually sold not in size but by berth or rather how many people will fit comfortably inside. We stock a great range starting with our one to two-berth tent right up to a great family ten berth tent.

The berths go up in ones so three=berth, four-berth etc and depending on whether you want a little extra room you can 'berth up' and have plenty of space for your equipment.

Our 1-2 Berth tents are aimed at the single camper or for those mountaineering, hiking or cycling when pack size is of the utmost importance.

Our 3 man and 4 man tents are perfectly sized for a couple that also wants that extra bit of space. Whether it’s a couple at a festival or two friends sharing a tent, our range of 3-4 berth tents will not disappoint. Our range of 5 man and 6 man tents are the most popular tents for small families. With more and more of our 5 and 6 man tents dropping in price, it’s the perfect opportunity to invest in one and get away with the family.

Our range of 5 man and 6 man tents will often come with partitioned bedrooms and large standing height living areas, perfect for longer camping holidays. These days many couples like the added space that a 5 or 6 berth tent offers when camping.

For larger families, big groups, or those that just really like their own space take a look at our 7-8 man tents. And if you still need more space, we have a few tents in the 9 man + Tent section.