Expert Advice on Electric Hook Ups

Camping has undeniably changed over the years, and for most campers camping either in a tent or a campervan/caravan without an electric hookup is not an option.


Whilst most sites power points won’t run more than around 1kw per hookup this still allows for the use of low wattage appliances such as low wattage kettles and small specialist fan heaters and caravan functions such as fridges.


Most caravans and campervans have built in hook up points using an outside socket to connect the hook up lead to the campsite electric point.  The basic hook up lead is available in 10 and 25 Metre lengths which will suit most campers needs.The basic hook up lead

This type of lead is self-explanatory to use although the various adapters that are available not only make the lead more flexible but also much more useable in different camping situations.


The Uk conversion lead allows the hook up to be plugged into the van but instead of being plugged into a site power point, it can then be connected to a regular UK 3 pin wall socked.Uk conversion lead

This adaptor is great for charging the leisure battery before a trip for example, or just maintaining the batteries health.


A 2 pin European conversion lead is also available to connect to continental 2 pin wall sockets in the same way the Uk conversion lead works.European conversion lead

If the you want to connect a 3-pin device to the camp site power without a caravan or campervan, then the Uk 3 pin accessory socket is the adaptor that you will need.  This means it will work from the campsite power in just the same way as an extension lead would at home.Uk 3 pin accessory socket

This therefore allows power to be used outside on a campsite with no additional extension lead.


Please note though that these adaptors are not waterproof and are not suitable for use outside in wet or damp conditions.


Tenting has some different requirements for safety to caravan hookup, mainly due to there not being a safety circuit breaker on a regular hook up lead as caravans and campervans have the circuit breaker built in to their power unit.


For tent hookup there are hook up leads with circuit breakers such as the Maypole Triple Mains Camping Power Supply , whilst they still shouldn’t be used in wet conditions they are much safer should the worst happen.Maypole Triple Mains Camping Power Supply

These also provide multiple power sockets without using a domestic extension lead which would not be suitable in a tent.


But all these products have one main problem which is how to Keep the wire tangle free and minimize the amount of space they are taking up.


Kampa have the solution to this with the cord wheel with a rotating center for an easier and more efficient way to roll up and store the cable.

cord wheel


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team.