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We have a range of heaters designed to match many different requirements.  These can be broken down into 3 categories; Gas, Electric and Outside/Patio.



The indoor gas heaters we stock all require a large enough space (64 cubic metres) with good ventilation to be able to be used indoors.  They offer a great deal of portability as there are no external gas bottles or hoses, this is because the cylinder and hose are held within and the heater is on wheels, so the bottle can be moved easily.

Heater which holds the gas bottle inside

All our indoor heaters require Butane gas in the form of a 7kg or 15kg cylinder, this is not something we can supply but most garage forecourts have this readily available.  The two indoor heaters we stock are the Manhattan and the Provence.  They both hold the gas bottle inside and look good inside any room.



Manhattan heater

Manhattan is a contemporary style heater and offers a living flame experience by heating coals to offer a glowing effect and radiant heat. 



Matt Black ProvenceGloss Black ProvenceGloss Blue Provence


    Matt Black                                                      Gloss Black                                                     Gloss Blue                   

The Provence takes its styling from traditional stoves.  Making use of the same type of live flame effect as the Manhattan by using glowing coals that provide radiant heat as a bonus.  The Provence makes any room feel cosy and homely.  They are also available in 3 colours to suit all decors and styles.



We also stock a range of gas powered patio heaters, these are a great way of staying warm outside.  The two that we stock are of different types.



 Memphis Patio Heater

The Memphis is a free-standing heater with stylish retro design.  The main advantage of the freestanding type of heater is the lack of an external gas bottle and hose as there is enough room for a 13kg gas bottle in the compartment beneath the heater.



Sahara Patio HeaterSahara Patio Heater

If you are looking for a more compact heater to use on top of a garden table then look no further than the Sahara  table top heater.



We stock two electric heaters which are designed for use on campsite electrics.



Barbados Electric Heater

The most popular electric heater we sell is the Quest Barbados pod heater, it is low wattage (500W) so can be used on a campsite and is a great way to quickly heat the inside of any tent or room.



Quest Slimline Electric Heater

Whereas the Quest Slimline Portable Electric heaters give radiant heat and so are an easy way to heat a room and make it feel cosier. It uses Quartz elements, this gives it the warm feeling orange glow.  This heater is also low wattage with two modes 400 & 800 Watts, this making it less likely to trip campsite electrics.


If there are any questions on any of the products featured, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the World of Camping team.