Expert Advice on Portable Household Gas Heaters

Solid fuel or electric heating can end up costing a lot of money when used on demand.


Because of this, the route of portable gas heaters can be a viable option.


Whilst some basic safety precautions must be taken along with taking note of the instruction manual, these heaters make for a moveable method of heating that can be used as and when required.


Portable gas heaters should only be used in a room that is both well ventilated and over the minimum room size, it is also advisable to run a carbon monoxide detector in the room that the heater is being used as Carbon Monoxide can’t be smelled or seen.  These heaters do have an emergency cutoff if the Oxygen in the room is depleted.


The minimum room size that the portable gas heaters can be operated is 64m3 which would roughly equate to a room 6m x 4.5m x2.5m high.   As previously mentioned, it is also essential to have some ventilation for fresh oxygen to replace that burned by the heater.

This can be done by either leaving a window open on the night latch, or a ventilator built into the wall of the room.


The most popular heater we sell is the Provence, these have a flame effect and give radiant heat from the coals as they glow.  Constructed from cast iron they also give some radiant heat from that stored in the cast casing. 

These are a traditional designed heater that will complement any traditionally furnished property.

the Provence

These heaters are available in Blue and Matt Black as can be seen in the above photos.  Fitted with casters these heaters are easy to move on level ground, the gas bottle is contained within the heater in the compartment at the rear which allows for a cleaner appearance and more convenience.

the Provence

It also removes the need to move the bottle separately when moving the heater.


Whilst these Provence heaters are great for us in a traditionally styled house or apartment, they won’t look as fitting in a contemporary setting as a more modern styled heater.


The Manhattan heater will be the answer to your contemporary design specifications.

Manhattan heater

Whilst it is not constructed from cast iron like the Provence heater it features the same adjustable setting flame effect and glowing coals as the Provence heater and the same high levels of efficiency.

Manhattan heater

Gas bottles are not available from us but are available from Calor gas dealers.


These heaters come from new with the Calor gas regulator fitted to the hose for convenience.


All the above heaters have an electric ignition system (powered by single included battery) for convenience of ignition instead of having to use a lighter or a match to ignite the heater.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team here.