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What kitchen and cooking equipment can I take from home and what is better to buy to specifically use in my tent, campervan, motorhome or caravan?

There are certain things that you will need to buy to kit out your vehicle such as a camping stove of which we have various options, as well as the disposable gas cartridges needed to fuel them.

Other things like tableware and pots and pans you may well be able to take from home, however, please be aware that the camping versions of these items are purposefully lightweight, compact and most importantly considerably less breakable than your crockery, cups and glasses from your kitchen.

Buying specific camping equipment to keep in the vehicle also makes sense so you have a specific set for that purpose. You can also get collapsible versions of many items (kettles, buckets, pans, washing up bowls) which can be essential to squeeze all your essential items into a small space.

We have various larder and storage solutions to help keep your camping area tidy.

No camping trip is complete without having a BBQ on the campsite or the beach. We have a range of disposable, compact and lightweight barbecues to suit all needs.

It can be expensive to buy everything at once, especially after you’ve just shelled out for a new campervan, tent or awning, so you’ll probably kit yourself out gradually. However, although you may start off your camping life using your old plates and cups from home, there are so many lightweight options in melamine and bamboo at reasonable prices now that after a couple of seasons you’ll probably find yourself fully equipped.