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I would like a Caravan Awning for my home from home, but I don't know where to start looking?

Caravan Awnings are a very common sight on most campsites these days. Most people that are staying in a caravan for any more than a day or two will usually have a caravan awning set up to vastly increase the living space of their camping area for their holiday.

Caravan Awnings are available as Lightweight Pole Caravan Awnings and more increasingly are the much easier to put up Air Caravan Awnings.

The main brands that we stock for these awnings are Sunncamp and Outdoor Revolution both of which provide extremely good quality awnings with high-quality fabric and a 12-month warranty. In addition to this, Outdoor Revolution provides a Lifetime Warranty on the beams of their awnings.

The length of the caravan awning is generally mentioned in the title of the product.

The main thing that you need to do to work out which length you will need is to measure along the top of the caravan awning rail. You will need to measure the straight section of rail BEFORE the rail starts to bend downwards. Once you have this length you can then fit any length of awning up to this length to your caravan.