Expert Advice on Pop Up & Small Tents



pop up tents


What are pop up tents?

As its name suggests, pop up tents are lightweight tents that when removed from the carry bag just pop into position. All you need to do is just peg it into position and away you go. Due to being lightweight pop up tents are perfect for festivals, weekend camping trips and summer camping.

Pop up tents have become extremely popular over the last 10 years, especially in the festival scene. Most pop up tents can be fully erected in just 5 seconds! Unzip the bag, throw the tent in the air and all thats left to do is peg it down. The quick and easy setup is one of the main reasons festival goer's like the pop up tent as it gives them more time drinking/checking out the festival than faffing about with tent poles and flysheets.



Guide to Buying a Pop Up Tent

 As with any tent, it is advisable to do some research before purchasing a pop up tent. The easiest way to approach this is to consider the requirements for the use of the tent. This can be done by addressing the following questions:

  • What is the tent being used for?
  • What terrain will the tent be used in?
  • What weather conditions will the tent be used in?
  • How many people does the tent need to house?
  • How much space is required?

Once these answers have been identified, it will sign post you towards the most suitable purchase for your purposes.


Packing the Tent Away

Even though a pop up tent is easy to use, it is definitely advisable to practice putting the tent away. The nature of the tent requires a specific folding technique to get the tent back into its bag. With practice come the easiest folding pathways which will collapse the tent into its original state.

There are websites which offer a step by step guide to folding popup tents, alternatively ask the company you purchased the tent from to advise you on the best technique.



Pop up tent pro's

  • Takes roughly 5 seconds to erect
  • Available in different berth sizes
  • Available in single & double skin
  • No tent poles or flysheet to attach
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to move the tent when erected
  • Lightweight


Pop up tent con's

  • The disk shape carry bag isnt the most portable
  • Tend to be smaller than a standard tent of the same berth size
  • Isn't suited to strong winds or really bad weather
  • Not as durable as some other tents, i.e canvas tents



Pop up tents are an affordable and easy to use tenting solution. Easy to assemble with great design features, the pop up tent is an essential piece of camping equipment. With multi-purpose functions it can easily service all members of the family on day trips and the longer camping holidays – as well as keep them safe (UV protection). With the wide selection of sizes, colours, weather proofing and the quick set up time (literally seconds) the pop up tent really is for anyone.