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What kind of choice of Family Tents do you have at World of Camping?

Our family tents come in all shapes and sizes - like most families! We have large family tents that happily sleep twelve so their friends can come too! A family tent is really useful even when you're not camping - put it up in the back garden as a spare room for visitors or their children. We have a great range of polycotton tents too.

As well as stocking large family tents we also have a full range of small family tents that are 3-4 berth tents.

Some of the best tents for families are the 5-6 berth tents, they typically come with 2/3 sleeping pods and a large living space that is perfect for storage. We recommend a family of 4 to look at the 5 man and 6 man family tents, as these tents will give you adequate space for all camping equipment and even the dog!

For larger families or two separate families looking to live out of the same tent, we stock tents all the way up to 12 berth Our super large family tents can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people, they're huge. Check out the 10-12 Man Tent category.

There is the 7-8 Man Tent Section which is perfect to browse for a large family, or perhaps a group of mates off to a festival the super large tents are also great for having family around, create an extra room in your garden with our super large family tents.

Buying a bigger tent can be made easier with a process of deducting the options available to buy size, budget, colour and amount of living space. Perfect if you need to provide accommodation for family friends. As well as family camping tents, we also stock a huge range of camping equipment.