Expert Advice on Kettles

Few things are as homely as a hot cup of tea of coffee, and that is something that makes any morning better when camping.


Whether you are using a gas stove or electric hook up, it is an essential to have a kettle, whether for hot water for washing up or for making hot drinks.   The obvious place to start is with the humble gas stove kettle, constructed of either aluminium, stainless steel or even silicone.  They are all simple yet effective.


The Sunncamp 2ltr whistling kettle is a great place to start, it is both cheap and effective and feature a button to open the spout for safe and convenience pouring.

Sunncamp 2ltr whistling kettle

If you prefer a sleeker design, then this 2L Polished Stainless Steel Kettle would be a good choice.

Stainless Steel Kettle

Or if you want an enamel finish in a more traditional cream colour, then this 2.2ltr kettle from Qeust is a great choice.

2.2ltr kettle from Qeust

Featuring a Nylon handle for heat insulation it is a good choice for use on Gas stoves.


If you prefer a wilder approach to camping and are using a camp fire, then this Enamel Tongass 2.1L Kettle from the premium manufacture Robens is a great choice.

Tongass 2.1L Kettle

Featuring a handle suitable for hanging from a tripod over the fire, it offers a stylish and traditional method of heating water.


Whilst we are looking at traditional style kettles that can be used over a fire, the Robens White River Kettle 3l is a beautiful and traditional styled kettle.

Robens White River Kettle 3l

Featuring a wooden handle for opening when hot, and a top handle suitable for use with a tripod, this kettle is a wonderful addition to any outdoor experience.  Constructed from Stainless steel it is built to last too.


If these kettles look appealing but the space of carrying them and storing them is an issue, then Outwell can offer a solution with their excellent Collaps kettles.

Collaps Kettles

Constructed from Stainless steel and Silicone they are durable and highly useable.

They are available in either 1.5l or 2.5l sizes.

Collaps Kettle

Once folded they take up very little space and are very compact.


If using a gas stove or fire seems like a lot of work, then maybe a low wattage kettle is the solution.  Either running from 12v from a cars cigarette lighter socket, or using hook up electric 240v mains.


This 12v 1l Kettle from Sunncamp runs from a cars cigarette lighter socket and is also compact.   It uses 150w so is worth consulting the manual of the vehicle that you are running it from to check the socket can provide that amount of power.

2 or 3 kilowatt kettle

Although if hook up is available then a mains low wattage kettle would be a good choice.  Low voltage is needed as campsite electrics will not be able to support a 2 or 3 kilowatt kettle.


The Quest 1.2l low wattage kettle is a good choice for a caravan or motorhome, and with a 1kw power consumption, it is unlikely to overload hook-up electrics.

Quest 1.2l low wattage kettle

It is constructed from coated Stainless Steel.


If you prefer a plastic kettle then we stock the Quest 1l Low Wattage Kettle which has the benefit of using only 850w of power.

Quest 1l Low Wattage Kettle

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer services team.