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Camping kettles are a must have accessory for anyone that regularly goes camping. With our large range of camping kettles, there will be something for everyone. At affordable prices are camping kettles are perfect for making a brew, washing and cooking food etc. We stock a variety of different kettles whether you're after a whistling kettle, travel kettle or a standard plug in kettle. We will stock the kettle you're looking for! Our kettles come in a wide range of colours so if you like to colour match then you will be in your element. Camping kettles and kettles in general can become extremely hot, we advise you take care and act responsibly when the kettle is in use.


Camping Kettles

Here at World of Camping we supply 4 different styles of camping kettles; whistling kettle, collapsable kettle, cordless kettle and travel kettles. This buying will help you decide the best camping kettle for your needs!


Whistling Kettles

The whistling camping kettles are a popular choice for many campers. With many options available including different sizes, colours and designs, there is a whistling camping kettle for everyone. The greatest thing about the the whistling camping kettle is you know exactly when the water has boiled, due to the whistling sound the kettle makes when the water is done! Lightweight and cost effective the whistling kettle has many perks and few downfalls. For a 2.5L whistling kettle we charge just £4.99 and colours come in either red or green!






Collapsable Kettles

The Outwell collapsable kettle range is an innovative design by the UK's leading camping brand. The kettle is not heated via electricity, it functions in the same way in which a whistling kettle works(bar the whistling). The unique sellling point of this kettle is the collapsing function. By seeing the pictures below it should give you a better idea of how it works, but it basically helps save alot of space and is extremely practical!  As this is a relatively new product the price is still reasonably high but at £24.99 you will be investing in a well made, high quality kettle with a great space saving function!




Cordless Kettles

A cordless kettle is probably a good idea if your camping within a large group of people and the kettle is getting used reguarly.  The cordless kettle basically allows you to remove the kettle from its power basin in order to pour water without there being any restriction of the power lead. A cordless camping kettle is a safer way to pour water over a standard kettle and it also means you can pour the water anywhere you want and not have wait by the power socket! Prices start from £18.99.




Travel Kettles

The classic travel kettle is perfect for campervans, caravans and motorhomes. Whilst being alot smaller in size than a regular home kettle, a travel kettle can run off both 110 and 240v. Easily portable and lightweight, we recommend a travel kettle if you have access to a power supply! The Quest Dual Voltage Travel Kettle can be picked up for around £10.00, making it an extremely affordable option.