Expert Advice on Freeze Packs

Sometimes called ice blocks or cool packs, these fluid filled plastic blocks provide consistent cooling once frozen and are an essential in any coolbox or luchbag.


More importantly they do not create water or fluid when they are defrosted or left for extended periods without re–freezing, this is due to them being sealed so no cooling fluid can escape.


Coolboxes regardless of the price point will benefit from the use of a freeze block, it not only helps lower the temperature of the inside of the coolbox particularly on hot summer days but helps reduce strain on the electric components of the coolbox.


But they are useable elsewhere too, such as in lunchboxes particularly in summer weather.


They last several hours before defrosting and can then be placed back in the freezer to start the process again.


If they are being used in a powered coolbox they can stay frozen for far longer and can help to counteract changes in ambient temperature where the box is being used.


We have a range of different brands and types of freeze blocks and these in price.


Smaller Freeze blocks such of these are perfect for smaller applications such as picnic bags and lunchboxes

Small Freeze Pack

These are also great value for money.


Alternatively, for a larger application such as a large cooler or powered coolbox there are double sized blocks available.  This makes the coolbox easier to pack with items, it can also be used as a divider between items.

Campingaz Freez Pak M30

This Campingaz Freez Pak M30 is a good larger freeze block that will stay cold for much longer than its smaller equivalents.


But this type of large block is not really suitable for soft picnic bags as they take up too much room and aren’t flexible.


Campingaz Freez packs are available in flexible form using a plastic pouch with different pockets of freezable fluid.


Campingaz Freez Pack L


This is the  Campingaz Freez Pack L

These are great for lunch boxes and soft coolbags, they can also be wrapped around items in the coolbox to more evenly disperse the cooling effect.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team.