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Expert Advice on Laundry

Camping Laundry

 Camping laundry, for short breaks this won't be an issue for longer ones the handiness of a portable washing machine, camping washing line or even just a camping laundry bag will be a bonus. Wherever your camping holiday takes you the need for some light hand washing will probably arise and if the weathers wet we even stock dryers!

 Camping Laundry Accessories


Washing your clothes whilst camping can be tricky if you dont have full access to laundry facilities. Our Kampa deluxe washing up stand with bowl is perfect for handwashing items aswell as cleaning the camp dishes! The stand comes with a large drying rack perfect for resting items on whilst they dry. Camp washing can be an awkward task







Washing Lines & Stands

 Washing lines make hanging and drying items alot easier. With a few different styles available from 3 arm washing lines, 4 arm washing lines, clip on clothes airers and window clothes dryers. With aluminium frames, our washing lines are sturdy and can withstand all types of weather. At only 2kg the washing lines are extremely lightweight, making them perfect for touring, caravanning and motorhoming. The washing lines are designed to have a weight capacity of 18kg.





Irons & Boards

If your going camping, caravanning or in a motorhome longer than 2 days then you will probably wanting to wash and iron your clothes. If the campsite you are staying at doesn't have those facilities then you may need to invest in one of our iron and ironing board sets! Small, compact and extremely portable the mini ironing board won't take up huge amounts of space and can be flat packed.





Laundry Baskets

A laundry basket isnt necessarily a must have, but it does make life easier when doing laundry whilst camping!  We offer a range of camping laundry baskets that differ in size, shape and style. All of our laundry baskets can be flat packed making them ideal for outdoor living. Not only are they great for storing laundry, but they also can be used for storing plenty of other items.





 Laundry Dome

 Our tidy tent laundry dome is a great storage/ shelter device for drying off damp clothing. With a mesh zipping door it allows for plenty of ventilation. The internal groundsheet helps to maintain the temperature of the laundry dome. The tidy tent allows you to air out your washing load whatever the weather.  At £36.50 our tidy tent laundry dome features 2 squared metres of space, allowing ample amounts of washing to be stored! This is perfect for for anybody camping, caravanning and motorhoming. It allows you to free up space in your vehicle/ tent and doesnt produce that dampness in the air.