Expert Advice on Airbeds

Self Inflating Mats & Airbeds - Buying guide


Camping is far less enjoyable when your uncomfortable at night. A bad nights sleep has its affect on the body, brain and the following day. So getting the right sleeping solution that suits your needs best is fairly important. With so many sleeping options the market, it can be hard to choose which is best suited to you. Some key things to consider would be; budget, size, thickness, how portable it is, the height of the bed and your personal preference to comfort.



 Airbeds are great for people seeking comfort rather than practicality. Airbeds or inflatable mattresses are available in single or double sized mattresses ranging in price and quality. An airbed requires a pump to inflate them, which can put some people off, but an airbed offers unrivalled comfort for camping and sleeping. The styles of airbeds vary massively, with an entry level airbed costing £10 and a top of the range airbed £100 plus, you are sure to find something to suit your needs! We recommend an airbed for week long camping trips, glampers, people seeking comfort and festival goers wanting a better nights sleep.



  • One of the most comfortable sleeping options
  • Good insulation between you and a cold floor
  • Entry level airbeds can be picked up for £10


  • Requires a pump to inflate
  • Takes a longer time to inflate/deflate than other options
  • Doesn't offer as much body support as other options
  • Doesn't pack down to a portable size





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