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I've got my sleeping bag and mattress, what else do I need?

Depending on the amount of space you have and how you are travelling, you may just decide to take your pillow from home, but if space is at a premium or if you just want something specifically made for the camping experience then we have a full range of Camping Pillows which range anywhere from simple inflatable ones to luxury Memory Foam Pillows.

If you have forgotten or lost your stuff sack for your sleeping bag, then we stock replacements in the compression sack category.

If you like a little heated company in the bed with you at night and you have a microwave in the campervan or motorhome, then why not pick yourself or the kids up a heated Minion Toy or pair of microwaveable slippers in the Heated Accessories section.

To prolong the life of your sleeping bag or just to enable you to use it for longer in between washes, a sleeping bag liner is always a great idea to take along to the campsite with you.

In this section, you'll also find plenty of airbed pumps to make life easier blowing up your airbed. Also, a no brainer to pack with you is a repair kit for the airbed... just in case.