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Storage & Accessories

 Tent storage is all about organising the inside of your tent to give maximum living space and keeping your possessions clean and tidy. Our range of tent tidys, hanging organisers , storage baskets, hooks and hangers will ensure no piles of damp clothes or lost belongings. It's amazing how much difference camping tent storage products make and being lightweight the hanging organisers and tidys roll up into a very small space when not in use. Great for children's toys, cutlery, games, shoes and all those little items that are easily mislaid.

 Camping Storage Organisers

Here at World of Camping we do our best to offer our customers a variety and choice of products. We stock a range of storage organisers that will suit everybodys needs, whether your camping, caravanning, motorhoming or just at home. We will have a storage solution for you! Check out our storage organiser guide below:


Hanging Organisers

As you can see from the picture above the hanging storage organiser can easily attach to the side of any caravan, motorhome and awning. The hanging storage organiser is a great way to save space and a good way of not loosing important camping items. A hanging camping organiser is extremely affordable aswell as useful and we strongly recommend that if your a messy camper then you need to purchase one of the hanging organisers!






Hooks and Hangers

Camping hooks and hangers can be installed easily within larger tents and awnings. Great for hanging clothes, coats, jackets and towels. Our Kampa awning rail is what you can see in the picture below and costs only £9.99. If you are on the smaller side for space then investing in a awning hanger will free up some valuable space!





Storage Organisers

The traditonal storage organiser is similar to a small dome tent. The Vango storage organiser has 9 large compartments that allow plenty of storage space. Great for storing items like shoes, towels, clothing, food and much more. Perfect to keep within your tent/ awning. A storage organiser will create more space within the tent/awning and help you to keep your items organised whilst avioding the chance of loosing something!






Tidy Tent

Tidy tents are perfect for storing larger outdoor objects in, for example, motorbikes, barbeques and push bikes. The tidy tent will protect your items against the elements and prolong their lives. No more rust on the BBQ and no longer will you have to dry off your bike seat! We currently stock a few variations of tidy tents, for example, tidy tent bike cave, tidy tent xtra and the tidy tent laundry dome. Prices start from around the £35 mark!