Expert Advice on Camping Storage Solutions

When staying in a larger tent over longer periods of time, the use of camping furniture can make it much more comfortable.


This can include wardrobes and cupboards as well as storage boxes and kitchen stands.


There are also more storage options available for use inside your tent.


You really can take the kitchen sink with you with a camping Kitchen stand, these not only make food preparation easier, but they also allow you to beat the que at the washing up station on the campsite at busier times.

Vango Gastro Kitchen

This is the Vango Gastro Kitchen not only does it have the facility to hold a washing up bowl but it also has the ability to shelter a stove from the wind, the storage space this provides is also plentiful and is perfect for storing equipment and ingredients.


Storage is also available in the form of a cupboard, this allows for added storage space like that provided by the above kitchen.  These are great for storing items such as plates and tableware, and other essentials.

Outwell Aruba Cupboard

This is the Outwell Aruba Cupboard and just like the above camping kitchen, these are foldable to allow for easier transporting and storing when not in use.


The top can also be used to place lanterns and other accessories, making this a multifunction accessory.


Shoes take a large amount of space, particularly for larger families, this can be solved with a compact storage organiser.


This Vango Storage organiser allows shoes and other small accessories to be stored with ease, this is also a best seller.

Vango Storage organiser

It folds up small too, so it takes up very little room when travelling.


Clothes storage is always a problem when camping, clothes get crumpled in a suitcase and have an increased chance of getting damp.

A camping folding wardrobe is exactly what is needed.


Folding in the same way as the kitchen and cupboard above they offer practicality and convenience.

Outwell Martinique Wardrobe

This is the Outwell Martinique Wardrobe and features a swing open door instead of a roll open door, this is more convenient and quicker to use.


It has shelves for clothes and toiletries that wouldn’t need to be hung up, but clothes can be kept crease free with the use of the hanging rail.


For storage that can also be used as a foot stool the Palmar Storage boxes are perfect and add comfort to the lounge area of your tent.


They compact down flat when being transported but fold up in seconds for use as both a footstool and storage box. 


Outwell Palmar L Storage box

This is the Outwell Palmar L Storage box and is perfect for storing toys and other loose items.

Outwell Palmar L Storage box

They fold flat too making storage even easier and being constructed from damp proof material they will not swell or damage if they happen to get wet. 

These boxes are also available in Medium Size


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