Expert Advice on Barbeques / BBQ's

No matter how good your caravan/campervan or even home cooking facilities are nothing can come close to the taste of food prepared on a BBQ on a summers evening.


Whether you are a traditionalist who prefers to cook on a charcoal BBQ or if you look for convenience and modern features, we have you covered in the field of compact BBQ’s.


When camping there is a bucket style BBQ available that is both compact and easy to use and requires net to no assembly to use.


Pictured below is the bucket BBQ from Easy Camp which is great value and will offer seasons of summer BBQ enjoyment

bucket BBQ from Easy Camp

These are great to use on the beach too, as they are easy to carry once cooled down.


How about a fire pit for use at home on the patio or in the garden?  They are not only stylish but offer a wonderful ambience once the cooking is done to sit around and maybe even burn some firewood instead of charcoal late into the evening.


This offering from Outwell is a great quality item and can be disassembled to make storing easier.

Outwell BBQ

Charcoal BBQ’s are not perfect for everyone for several reasons, the main reason will be the process of lighting the charcoal in the BBQ and waiting for the right moment to start cooking.  The heat is also difficult to control, particularly for longer cooking sessions.


Solid fuel BBQ’s can also be a bit antisocial with the amount of smoke and fumes they produce when warming up, which can be a problem on a campsite.


The other problem is the smell that they produce, particularly when fat drips on the fire.   If these characteristics of a charcoal BBQ don’t suit you then you may be better off choosing a gas-powered BBQ.


These vary in design and price, but for the sake of camping and caravanning we will keep the examples below to compact and easy to move items.


Starting with the Kampa Bruce, which uses lava rock to withhold the heat of the fire.

Despite the ow price this type of BBQ will give that indescribable BBQ taste without the effort of lighting and trying to control a charcoal BBQ.


Of course, the coals will require a heat up time before it is ready to use but not as long as a charcoal BBQ.  This would run from the conventional Butane bottle like any other garden BBQ.

Kampa Bruce

This has the benefit of being able to be used on a tabletop (if it can withstand the heat) so it takes up far less space than a traditional BBQ.


Not everyone can carry a 15kg or equivalent gas bottle in their caravan or motorhome.


More importantly not everyone can store a large separate gas bottle, and for occasional use it is sometimes not worth paying the deposit on a larger gas bottle.


Kampa have brought out the Kampa sizzle which runs from small camping stove bottles.

Kampa Sizzle

They are cheap to buy and fit into a small carry case when not in use, great for impromptu BBQ’s on the beach.


Also running from a small gas canister is the Party Grill CV range.

Below is the Party grill CV 400 which is closer to a full-size BBQ in its operation, but still runs off a small camping gas canister.

Party grill CV 400

Although a version that runs from a regular full-size gas canister is also available if preferred.


Along with the benefit of not having to light a gas BBQ half an hour before you want to cook on it, they also are very easy to light with most having a piezo ignitor to ignite the gas.  They also reach operating temperature much quicker too.


Gas BBQ’s also cool down quicker, so it makes packing them away easier and hassle free, whereas a charcoal BBQ will need to cool down and be emptied of ash before it can be packed away.


Please note that no BBQ weather solid fuel or gas powered should be used inside a tent or in confined space as they produce carbon monoxide.

Also, please take the appropriate fire prevention measures around a BBQ or stove. 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team.