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We stock barbecues, disposable barbecues, gas barbecues and portable camping barbecues all at competitive prices. Barbecues are perfect for camping cooking, the smell of food being cooked outdoors on a summers evening or breakfast in the morning seems to increase your appetite ready for a good walk the next day! We stock a good range of barbecue accessories including tools, cleaners and briquettes and a griddle pan that sits on top. Our portable barbecues are perfect for taking to the beach or cooking up sausages on a hill hike, lightweight and easy to carry.

 Barbecues and Barbecue Accessories

Gas Barbecues

Gas barbecues have become increasingly popular mainly due to people wanting a bbq without the wait of a charcoal barbeque. We still feel that a tradional barbecue with coal is the best route to go down. A gas barbecue is perfect for people who enjoy cooking/ eating outdoors, people that havent got enough time for a charcoal barbecue and people that dont want the need to purchase charcoal and firelighters everytime they go to use it. However a gas barbecue is great for camping as you can cook a wide range of food on a gas bbq as you can easily adjust the heat to the temperature you require. The instant heat that a gas bbq provides often leads to a quicker cook time than a traditional charcoal barbecue!




Charcoal Barbecues

 Charcoal barbecues are often seen as the traditional barbecue and here at world of camping we have brought in a range of charcoal barbecues large enough to suit all peoples barbecue needs. From disposable barbecues, table top barbecues, folding barbecues, bucket barbecues, barbecue ovens, portable barbecues and firepit barbecues. The only accessories you need with a traditional barbecue is charcoal, some people also combine charcoal with firelighters to help speed up the process but it isnt essential! the size of the barbecue depend on what your uses are for it:  how many times a year and the number of people using it? if you going to use it 1-4 times a year then it would probably be a good idea to purcahse a smaller anf cheaper barbecue. But if you are large family that will reguarly use the bbq throughout the Summer months then we recommend purcahsing a top end barbecue with plenty of cooking space!




Barbecue Accessories

 Always essential at a bbq are barbecue accessories. Here at World of Camping we supply a wide range of barbecue accessories, everything from; charcoal bags, fire starting flints, cooking tools and utensils, non-stick griddles and safety lighters! Barbecue accessories make having a barbecue much easier and hassle free. Most barbecue utensil sets these days come with a huge range of utensils to make preparing and serving food at the barbecue alot easier! For example our 'KingCamp 18 Piece BBQ Tool Set in Case' is priced at an incredible £19.99.