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Roll Mats & Camp BEDS - Buying guide




Roll Mats

 Roll mats are a familiar piece of camping equipment recognised by most people. They may not look like much but they can make all the difference when camping on a hard and cold surface. A roll mat puts a layer of insulation and comfort between you and the ground. While it’s not the most comfortable option on the market, a roll mat is certainly the lightest and most portable sleeping solution. A roll mat is perfect for backpackers and festival goers!


  • Super lightweight and easily portable
  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for backpacking and festivals
  • Insulates from a cold floor


  • The thin layer doesn't provide much comfort
  • The roll mat will gradually get thinner over time
  • Not as much insulation as other sleeping options





Camping Roll Mat



Self Inflating Mats

A self inflating mat is inbetween an airbed and a roll mat. Great for people wanting more comfort than a roll mat or a more portable solution to an airbed. But the greatest feature of a self inflating mat is that there is no pumping nor effort involved. Simply screw open the noozle, wait 2-3 minutes, secure the air by twisting the noozle and your self inflating mat is ready for use. These mats come in a variety of styles and prices ranging from the super lightweight backpacking style at  the higher end, through to slightly heavier mats. We recommend a self inflating mat for festivals, backpacking and short camping trips.



  • No pump needed to inflate
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for backpacking, festivals and short camping trips


  • Not as comfortable as an airbed
  • The top end self inflating mats can be expensive
  • Can sometimes take time for the mat to deflate





Self Inflating Mat