Expert Advice on Insect Repellants

Not many things can ruin a summers evening as successfully as being persistently pestered by mosquitos.

Fortunately, in our climate they don’t represent much of a health issue, but they still can cause some nasty allergic reactions and discomfort.


There are a couple of more sophisticated ways to ward off the pesky parasites than using a skin covering repellant ointment or spray.  Sprays and liquids that meet your skin can cause in some cases unpleasant reactions of their own too.


The most common outdoor insect repellants are the basic citronella candle.


When burned these candles give off a pleasant citrus scent that insects don’t like, this keeps insects away and provides a nice ambience as well, in fact for some people the smell alone of a citronella candle is enough to raise thoughts of pleasant summer evenings. 


There are several styles of these candles.


The most common variety that we stock is the Citronella Votive candles which are suppled with an attractive glass holder.

Citronella Votive candles

They also give a nice ambience to any evening setting.


There are so many tealight holders for the garden available, it makes sense to use stylish holders to make the candles look even better around the garden.


Not only will they look great, but they reduce the numbers of insects pestering you in the evenings too.


These candles work out as very good value


Alternatively, there are mosquito coils, which function in a similar manner to an incense stick and give off a scent that insects and mosquitos can’t tolerate.


Simply light one end and the coil will smolder away producing a scent as they do so.

mosquito coils

mosquito coils

These are a great twist on the traditional citronella candle and are great value.


If you are hiking or walking at night and want a chemical free way of preventing being pestered by biting insects, these head nets work well to stop your neck and face from being bitten.

head nets


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team