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There are so many types of tents out there, I'm new to all of this, which type should I get?

There are several types of tents on the market and a huge range in price. In general, as with most things in life, the more you pay for something will denote the quality of the item. However, it isn't always that simple as you can now get tents made from the same fabric which are held up either by standard fibreglass or steel poles or in the newer, increasingly popular air versions. Air Tents are generally more expensive than an equivalent pole version. This doesn't necessarily denote a difference in quality; however, air tents are newer technology and are a little more complex in construction, therefore costing more to produce. They are also a lot easier to put up!

An Air Tent is usually a little easier to put up, especially the larger family versions which in a 6 man version really need 2 people to put up, whereas it's pretty straightforward to put up a 6 person air tent by yourself, be it for a single-parent family, or if one person arrives ahead of the rest of the family to get the tent erected, this can be a great benefit.

A Family Tent would generally be considered those which are labelled as a 5 or 6 person tent or larger. These will for the most part have a couple of large bedrooms and a large living area and are ideal for longer camping trips when a longer period of time may be spent in the tent.

For something a little bit different you could try a Tipi Tent. These tents are held up with a central pole and are becoming more and more popular, we stock a particularly good range of teepee tents by Robens.

If you are looking for something a little more temporary, then have a look at our Shelters and Tarps.

if pack size is of a priority, you're going walking or hiking or on a Duke of Edinburgh then we have a fine range of backpacking tents.

Utility Tents such as toilet tents and in particular, event shelters are becoming a more and more common feature on the campsite these days. We also stock beach tents and play tents on the website.