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I’m going camping, do I really need to take furniture with me?

Have a quick walk around your average campsite and you’ll be amazed at the amount of camping furniture that people have in their tents and awnings. You will likely then quickly realise that you need (or desire with much jealousy) most of these items too!

Let’s start with the most basic item that everyone needs, the camping chair. We have these in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from the standard soft camping chairs that fold down into a carry bag up to nice relaxing recliners and loungers. We even stock a fantastic range of heated camping chairs. The Chaheati range of rechargeable battery-powered chairs and chair covers are exclusively available from World of Camping in the UK.

We of course have a whole host of tables available in all shapes and sizes as well as various Picnic Tables and Chair Sets.

Wardrobes and cupboards aren’t the first things most people think of taking on a camping trip, but we sell a great range of these that have no or minimal assembly which pack down to compact sizes for easy transportation.

There’s also a nice range of storage baskets and organisers, most of which collapse down flat or to compact sizes to maximise capacity at minimum pack away sizes.

You’ll also find a children's furniture section with mini versions of some items, primarily aimed at tots.