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Expert Advice on Waste & Water Containers

Water & Waste Containers

 Water and waste containers are an important piece of equipment when caravanning and motorhoming. Choosing the right size and style container for your vehicle is essential. This guide runs through the most popualr water/waste containers on the market and about water purification systems.

  Water & Waste Containers


Collapsable Water Containers

Collapsable water containers are simple, yet extremely effective. The collapsable water containers expand when being filled and collapse when empty. The carry handle makes carrying the water container much easier and the simple noozle design assists with accurate pouring! Foldable water containers are very cost effective and only cost around the £3.00 mark. Collapsable water containers are perfect for camping, music festivals and backpacking!








Waste Containers

 Waste containers often have a capacity to store large amounts of waste, with some of the larger ones able to store 40L of waste. Here at World of Camping we have a range of waste containers that differ in price, size, features and capacity. We stock waste containers on wheels, waste containers that can be fixed to a motorhome/caravan and waste containers with carry handles. Our prices range for our waste containers, with our 23L containers starting at £11.50 and the Fiamma Roll Tank Waste Water Tank 40L going up to £89.99.







Water Heaters

The best way to describe a water heater is to imagine a very large kettle with a few added features. Water heater features tend to include various attachments (tap & shower heads), temperature gage to choose the heat of your water and gas powered water pressure! We recommend water heaters for glamping, families with babies/toddlers and anyone thats camping without access to warm/hot showers. Water heaters tend to be heavy even when empty, with most weighing around the






Solar Showers

Solar showers are ideal if your camping somewhere with no showers on site. Perfect for backpacking and music festivals, the camping solar shower uses direct sunlight to heat up the water. The solar shower comes complete with a tube and shower style head to create the effect of a real shower. Obviously the solar shower doesnt provide much power as there is no pressure, however if you can get a friend to squeeze the solar shower while your showering then you will feel something more similar to a standard shower. The 20L camping shower can store enough water to usually cater for 3 short showers before then needing a refill. When empty, the camping solar shower packs away with ease. Its lightweight, portable and very affordable at £4.99.






Water Purification

The most common chemical used to convert water into safe drinking water comes as an iodine tablet/drop. They’re extremely effective when it comes to killing all bacteria that sits in unfiltered water. Easy to use, lightweight and ultra-small. The iodine tablet/drops are a popular choice for many outdoor enthusiasts. The newer tablets even offer a second tablet to help remove the strong iodine taste left in the clean water. However this method can take up to 30 minutes to be totally effective. In addition to these methods, there are a few things that can be done to make this process easier. Moving water is usually a better source than stationary, as it tends to remove the scummy top layer that can form on pond and pools. It is also still deemed a safe practice to drink water directly from a spring head. This is the place the spring first bubbles up from the ground.