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Expert Advice on Childrens Furniture

Children's Furniture


With camping becoming more popular, it means far more children will be taking to the campsites. In the result of this, it has led camping suppliers to manufacture scaled down versions of traditional camping furniture to accomodate childrens needs. Take a look at the childrens camping furniture we have on offer below!

Childrens Chairs

 Childrens camping chairs are a must have item for any family camping trip. Camping is an ever increasing activity that more and more families are taking up. With the majority of camping equipment designed for a fully grown adult, alot of children are left having to make do with oversized chairs, table, sleeping bags and backpacks. Kids camping chairs will offer alot more support to a childs body than a standard camping chair would but are also alot more portable due to their size and weight! Here at World of Camping we offer a small range of kids camping chairs!

 Kids Camping chair




Childrens Tables

 A scaled down camping table purpose built for a child is a great camping accessory. Pair this up with one of our camping chairs and you'll be a popular parent! Kids love the table as the size means they can comfortably use it without the table towering over them like a regular camping table would. The table is lightweight and extremely portable due to its abilty to fold down to a compact size! Features include a patterned canvas top and a drop down sleeve with several pockets.

Kids Camping Table