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Do I need to take a camping toilet with me or will the provided communal ones be ok?

Well, that really is up to you. All reputable campsites will at least have a toilet block and washing facilities. Many people however choose to take a portable toilet, some toilet chemicals and a toilet tent to the campsite and stick it on their pitch. You might not use it all of the time but certainly, for late night and early morning emergency trips, these can be worth their weight in gold compared to a trip to the toilet block, especially if your pitch is at the other end of the campsite!

Toilet rolls and some assorted spare parts are also available in this section.

We stock a range of Jerry cans and Fresh Water Containers which make transporting freshwater from the campsite tap to your pitch all the easier.

Waste Water Containers including the Wastemaster are essentials too, especially if you are using a campervan or caravan and produce a lot of grey water.

Water and Waste Hoses, Taps Sinks and Pumps and Water Purifiers and Cleaners are other essentials that you may like to browse through.