Expert Advice on Tent and Awning Poles

Tents and awnings commonly feature poles, whether it be optional extra support poles, or main structural poles.


The Solution to Damaged Poles

Poles whether made of Fibreglass or aluminium, can all suffer from bad weather damage or even assembly/accident damage. 

Manufacturers don’t cover damage under warranty, so what do I do with a tent or awning with a broken pole?


Replacement poles for both tents and awnings are available from the manufacturers, but what if you need poles at short notice or want a cheaper option?

We stock a range of universal length Fibreglass poles, that can in most cases be shortened to the length of the pole that you are looking to replace.  You will need to measure the diameter of the pole that is to be replaced and match it to one of our poles.

Fibreglass poles

They are 3.25m in total length when assembled, although If your tent has shorter length poles, then you can reduce the length by cutting the poles down.


The length of the poles is reduceable by cutting the non-ferruled end with a hacksaw (the finer the teeth the better) each section should be shortened by a small amount, instead of cutting one pole to half its length for instance.


Each section cannot be reduced in length by more than 10 cm, this means that the shortest length these poles can be cut to is 2.75m.


We don’t stock universal pole kits for aluminium poles.


Of course, you can just replace the one section of the pole if that would be preferred, just cut it to the same length as the section you are replacing.


It is a good idea to carry a set of repair pole sections of the right size with your tent or awning, in case a pole is damaged.  


To help re-thread the elastic through the poles, a piece of wire (included with Vango poles) can be attached to the end of the elastic to help pull the elastic through, then just tie the elastic in a knot at the end and the pole is re strung.


Should your poles have the elastic break, a shock cord repair kit is available which enables you to restring your poles.

Shock cord Repair kit

We also stock a range of additional optional extra poles such as support poles and canopy poles.


Canopy poles or upright poles can make an awning or tent more useable and make an item usually regarded as a nuisance (the door) an integral and useable multifunction canopy.


upright poles

This is the canopy poles being used with the Outdoor Revolution Turismo XS2 drive away awning, although all canopy poles work using the same principals.

upright pad poles

Whereas upright pad poles are available to lift the awning tunnel slack and give extra support, this can help the door open and close without catching the awning.  These are used on Caravan awnings.

This example is the Kampa rear upright pole set.


Should you have any further questions, please contact the sales team.