Expert Advice on Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are a practical way to take your coffee with you.


Of course, any hot beverage can be enjoyed from these mugs.

Whilst it is possible to move around with a regular open mug of coffee it is not practical for the risk of spillage.  Travel mugs have been invented for this very purpose.


We stock a range of mugs designed to make life on the move easier.


These ceramic mugs with silicone grips and lids are great and allow for a hot beverage to be carried with you whilst looking different from the norm.  Whilst the ceramic will damage if dropped or knocked, they hold heat well whilst still allowing some heat through which is great for keeping your hands warm in winter.

ceramic mugs

They are available in a wide range of colours and make a great stocking filler at Christmas.


There is an option for those who prefer a travel mug with a handle.

Insulated Mugs

These Insulated Mugs from Summit are designed to retain heat for longer, they are also designed to prevent spillage with the tightly fitting cap.


These mugs lose little heat so can be held for long periods of time with comfort.


These stylish and environmentally friendly travel mugs from Outwell look good and are light weight too.

Outwell Travel mugs

They are made from reconstituted bamboo which is a renewable resource, the lids are made from silicone these also have the benefit of being light enough and small enough to fit into a cupholder in a car.


These Vacuum mugs from Outwell are sleek and fit into most cup holders, they are insulated too.

Vacuum mugs

They are stainless steel in the inside and bamboo on the outside.


If you prefer to make a statement with your morning coffee, these bright mugs from Happy Jackson are a must have, featuring easy to clean silicone lids these are practical as well as vibrant.

Happy Jackson Mug


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team on.