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Camping Tables

If your a serious camper , caravanner or motorhomer then you will most probably already own a camping table of somekind! Whether its an all in one folding picnic table or just a collapsable table. Here at World of Camping we have a wide range of camping tables that will suit all needs! If your actively looking to purchase a camping table, then this guide will help you make a calculated decision!


Camping table's


Our range of camping tables come in all shapes and sizes. Folding camping tables, adjustable height and great camping picnic tables. The best camping tables are ones that are lightweight but sturdy and can be folded away when not in use. Tables come into their own in the evenings when you can lay out your maps to plan your next days hike or enjoy a competitive game or two! We stock roll up tables where the legs fold away and the aluminium slatted top rolls up - perfect for taking to the beach or using in your own garden when you have extra visitors. Our folding tables are lightweight, strong and the folding feature ensures they dont take up too much space. A folding table is great if you are planning on having guests around or for a summer barbeque in the garden. Put it up and pack it away within seconds!





Folding Tables

 Folding camping tables are probably the most popular style of table in the camping, caravan and motorhome world. Folding tables are available in wide range of sizes, from small folding tables to large folding tables and even childrens tables are stocked. The folding camping table is a competitive market and prices can be very affordable with the entry level table starting from around the £10.50 mark.








Adjustable Height Tables

Camping tables that can be height adjusted are great if your camping on uneven ground or want to use yor table for different things. Whether your preparing food, eating or just socialising around the table you will be able to adjust the height of the table to the seats your sat on! The tables are fully adjustable via the legs, you can change the height to suit your needs. Most camping tables have just enough space for 4 people seated. Prices begin from £20.99 and go all the way up to the £100 plus mark!








Round Camping Tables

Using a round camping table is completely down to personal preference, there are no disadvantages nor advantages with a round camping table. However we suggest purchasing a larger table if you want to accommodate a family (4 people and above) as a round table can be limited on space and is often smaller than the standard rectangular camping table. Prices of round camping tables begin from £59.99! Round tables are perfect for couples, small families and people wanting some additional space.

 Round camping table






Roll Top Camping Tables

Slat and roll top camping tables are made up of a number of panels that have the bend and roll to create a smaller packing size








Table & Chair Folding Tables

The all in one table and chair folding system is a clever device that packs up to a suprisingly small dimension. Being compact and lightweight, makes it a very portable piece of camping equipment. This is great for a family camping trip, day picnics, garden use, motorhomers and caravanners. This folding all in one table and chair system packs up to a compact brief case style carry case. The weight varys for each model but on average 10 - 12 kilograms is the total weight  and prices start from the £49.99 mark!