Expert Advice on Tables

Tables are great for organization and convenience when it comes to your camping trip.


They provides space to prepare food, rest items at a convenient and ergonomic height and place items away from dirt and damp.


Whether a low and small table that allows for use in the centre of a smaller tent, or a large table for a family to eat around, we’re sure to have the answer.

The most simple design of camping table we provide is the Kampa Duplex plastic table. It is both good value and very quick to assemble, the tabletop is made from durable plastic so it’s not only sturdy but lightweight and easy to clean as well.

Kampa Duplex plastic table

This is a great value solution for light use.

Therefore, we offer a wide range of different tables that are more suitable for longer term use. These come in different styles and materials.


Such as this Vango Birch table. This features height adjustable legs that allows the user to get the perfect table height, and a stylish French Oak style tabletop.

Vango Birch table

These tables can be sat around to eat both inside and outside and we stock chairs that will fit with these medium sized tables. Our wide range of chairs can be viewed here.


Alternatively, we provide other options that have the chairs encompassed in the design, so they don’t have to be carried separately and are in one convenient package.


One example we offer is the Outwell Dawson picnic tables. This provides chairs that are built into the frame of the table, which fold from the inside the lid of the table, making it a convenient set that is perfect for picnics.

Outwell Dawson picnic tables

And because the frame is made from aluminum and a stylish bamboo top, not only does it look good, it is durable and lightweight making it the ideal picnic companion. There is a central hole for the use of a parasol with these tables making them great for using in the summer sun.

So, they aren’t just for picnics either, they are suitable for all kinds of situations and gatherings such as BBQ’s.


If all that is required is a coffee/drinks table to rest drinks and snacks, then the elegant bamboo folding Outwell Kimberley table is a perfect choice.  The small pack size is also easy to stow away when not in use whilst the quality construction will last well

Outwell Kimberley table

These look equally great if used with a caravan, motorhome or a tent, they are great for sitting around in the evening in low chairs for a relaxed and informal way to spend a summers evening.


Particularly in larger tents, a bedside table is a luxury, and a table such as the Outwell Nain is a convenient choice and is good value too.  Its simple folding construction does not take up much room when stowing it away either.

Outwell Nain

It can also be used In and out of a smaller tent as a drinks table or even as a main table in a tent without standing room so is a very flexible option.


When camping pack size is important especially when travelling, so if you can combine a stool and a table then this makes it very flexible and reduces the amount you will need to carry, especially if the table is only being used as a bedside table at night, and a chair in the day.

Outwell Baffin

The Outwell Baffin can have the table top clipped onto the top of the stool making it a fully functional low table.


Most tables cannot be used with a stove on top when cooking due to the risk of heat exposure, but there are some that allow for the use of a as stove such as the Robens Wilderness cooking table.

Robens Wilderness cooking table

Its metal construction makes it proof against the heat that stoves can inflict on the tabletop.


The team at World of Camping like to bring as much advise to our customers as possible, if you need any further help please don't hesitate contact the sales team if you have any further questions.