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Do you sell any Heaters that I can use in my tent, also anything more substantial that I can use at home? 

Well, it's funny you should ask, yes, we sell both kinds of heater here at World of Camping.

If you look in our Gas Heaters section you will find both kinds, some small portable heaters that you can use with disposable gas canisters. Also, we have a range of portable gas heaters that are extremely popular during the Autumn and Winter to be used at home. 

These Provence and Manhattan Heaters are specifically designed to be used to heat a single room. They sit on castors so they can be easily transported from one room to the other. So, use it in the kitchen whilst you're cooking, then wheel it out to the conservatory when you want to sit, relax and take in the Winter sunshine.

The Electric Heaters section will show you various plug-in heaters that you can use in your campervan motorhome or tent to take the chill off on a cold evening. Some of these heaters also have a cooling function so can be used as a cool air fan in the hotter months. Check out the specifications tab on each product for full details.

The Indoor Heaters section lists just that, heaters that should be only used indoors.

The Patio Heaters section contains the type of units that can be used outside on a crisp cool evening to prolong the amount of time you can sit outside. enjoy a beverage and take in the night sky.