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  1. Easy Camp Single Sleeping Bag Liner | Sleeping Bags
    SRP: £14.99
    In Stock
  2. Outwell Single Bag Liner | Sleeping Bags
    Now £19.89 SRP: £22.99
    In Stock
  3. Outdoor Revolution Star Fall King 400 | Sleeping Bags
    SRP: £125.00
    Out of Stock
  4. Outdoor Revolution Starfall Midi 400 Sleeping Bag with Pillow Case | Sleeping Bags
    SRP: £75.00
    In Stock
  5. Vango Shangri-La Luxe XL Sleeping Bag | Sleeping Bags
    SRP: £150.00
    Out of Stock
  6. Outdoor Revolution Journey 300 Single Sleeping Bag | Sleeping Bags
    In Stock
  7. Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag - Cappuccino 4.5g Tog | Sleeping Bags
    In Stock
  8. Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag - Navy 4.5g Tog | Sleeping Bags
    Out of Stock
  9. Duvalay Comfort Sleeping Bag - Cappuccino 4.5g Tog | Sleeping Bags
    Out of Stock
  10. Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag - Grey Stripe 4.5g Tog | Sleeping Bags
    Out of Stock
  11. Outwell Birch Lux Sleeping Bag | Sleeping Bags
    Now £40.49
    In Stock
  12. Volkswagen Red Campervan Single Sleeping Bag | Sleeping Bags
    Now £17.99 SRP: £29.99
    In Stock

There are so many sleeping bags out there, which one do I choose?

The factors on which sleeping bag to choose will mainly depend on a few things, the temperature in which you are planning to use it, the shape that you prefer to sleep in and the amount of space that you have to carry and transport it.

The most popular is the Single Sleeping Bag. These come in 2 basic shapes, either your classic rectangle-style sleeping bag or the mummy-shaped bag. The rectangle sleeping bag is the most popular, you get a bit of room to move around inside it, however, some people prefer to feel more closed in and prefer to go for a mummy-shaped sleeping bag style which is more body-hugging. Some sleeping bags zip together to make a double but certainly not all of them so be sure to check the item Specifications section of the product to check this.

If you are going camping with your other half, or if you just like to really spread out then Double Sleeping Bags are available. These are only available in the rectangle shape. 

In between the two sizes, there are a few King Size Sleeping Bags available, for those who prefer a little more room, or simply for the larger camper.

We also have a Compact Sleeping Bag section. These generally contain the type of sleeping bag that you might take trekking or mountaineering. They tend to be in the mummy style to be space-saving. These sleeping bags are usually more technical and tend to be more lightweight and made of a higher grade of insulation, hence they tend to be higher in price.

If you are taking the little ones with you then have a browse through our Children's Sleeping Bag section. Please take note that the kid's sleeping bags are generally aimed at younger children, once they start heading towards their teens, they will most likely need an adult sleeping bag. Again, please take note of the measurements in the specifications section of each product.

For most people, the main thing you will want to take note of is the season rating of the sleeping bag. These are fairly self-explanatory, so a 2 season sleeping bag means it's only suitable to use in the Spring and Summer, a 3 season, Spring, Summer and Autumn and a 4 Season can be used all year round.

If you are going to be using it mainly abroad in sunnier climes then you will probably only need a 2 season sleeping bag as it will be hotter, or if it's going to be Scotland all year round then you may not get too hot in a 4 season at night.  You will know if you are a warm or cold type of person so please choose accordingly. You can always unzip the bag if it's too warm or cover it with a blanket if it gets too cold.