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Shall I take my tableware from home with me or is there better stuff I can get that's specifically made for camping?

Of course there is, some people do take their knives and forks, cups and plates from home, but inevitable breakages occur and the tears start to flow.

There is a whole host of camping tableware available at great prices from World of Camping. We've got flasks and drinking bottles, essential for drinking on the move, and great for kids, stop those spillages!

We have a whole host of plates and bowls and cups and glasses including options Melamine Plates.

Picnic sets are extremely popular as they generally include plates bowls and cups, everything you need for either 2 or 4 people.

Camping Tableware is available in various hard to break materials, the more traditional Enamelware, various designs and colours in Melamine and the eco-friendly option see increasing amounts of bamboo products in circulation, which have a great look and feel to them.