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  1. Outwell Oakdale 5PA Air Tent | Air Tents
    SRP: £1,445.99
    In Stock
  2. Robens Aero Yurt Tent | Air Tents
    SRP: £1,699.99
    In Stock
  3. Outdoor Revolution Camp Star 600 Air Tent Bundle | Air Tents
    Now £768.99 SRP: £1,229.00
    In Stock
Outdoor Revolution Airedale 6.0SE Air Tent
 | Air Tents
    SRP: £1,379.00
    Out of Stock
  5. Oudoor Revolution Camp Star 700SE Air Tent Bundle Deal | Air Tents
    Now £1,148.99 SRP: £1,449.00
    In Stock
  6. Vango Castlewood 800XL Air Tent | Air Tents
    Now £549.99 SRP: £910.00
    In Stock
  7. Outdoor Revolution Kalahari PC 7.0 Air Tent inc Footprint | Air Tents
    SRP: £2,499.00
    In Stock
Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0 XTR Safari Air Tent
 | Air Tents
    SRP: £2,149.00
    In Stock
Outdoor Revolution Airedale 7.0SE including Footprint & Lounge Liner
 | Air Tents
    Now £1,449.99 SRP: £1,899.00
    In Stock
  10. Knightdale 8PA Air Tent | Air Tents
    Now £898.99 SRP: £1,199.00
    In Stock
  11. Kalahari PC 7.0SE / 9.0 DSE Front Porch Extension | Air Tents
    SRP: £779.00
    In Stock
  12. Outdoor Revolution Airedale 7.0SE / 9.0SE Front Porch Extension | Air Tents
    Now £288.99 SRP: £499.00
    In Stock

Looking for an Inflatable Air Tent?

Air tents (Inflatable tents as they are also known) are a revolutionary design that places smart innovation at the forefront of traditional camping. Instead of using steel or fibreglass poles, the air tents use inflatable beams that are filled with a high-speed air pump. The air beams then become stiff and give the tent stability and a rigid pole-free frame in minutes. Air beam tents can be inflated in a matter of minutes! Pitching time takes only 3 – 10 minutes depending on the size of the air tent.

The inflatable tent range is a very smart choice, providing options for anyone that has struggled with tent poles or tent pitching. The air beam tents quick pitching traits make it the ideal candidate for festival and family camping.

The main purpose of an air tent is to make things easier when pitching. Smaller 1-2 person tents are straightforward to put up anyway and the air beam technology isn't really suited to these size tents, therefore you will generally see Air Tents starting in the 3-4 Man Air Tent range.

5-6 Person Air Tents are by far the most popular category of tents right now. These family-sized models are popular for families and quite often couples who want a nice sized living area to relax in.

If you have a larger family, are camping with friends or just like to stretch out and take your whole pitch up with a tent, there are a handful of Air tents that will sleep 7 or more people. Just have a browse through the 7+ Man Air Tents section on the World of Camping website.

For some Air tent models you will find extensions or awnings to fit onto the front or side of the tent to make them even bigger. Please check out the Air Extensions + Awnings section.

If you are looking for the ultimate in ease and quality, then look no further than the Polycotton Air Tents category where you will find tents that are not only inflatable but breathable too.