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I've chosen my new tent, but what else am I going to need to go with it?

These days, for most campers, owning a tent is just the beginning of the camping experience and there are now a whole host of Tent Accessories available to complement and furnish your new temporary living space with.

The main accessory of choice for a lot of campers is now the Tent Carpet. Many people won't buy a family tent without getting the accompanying carpet to go with it. These carpets fit onto the living area of the tent. They give you a soft and comfortable surface to walk on making it much nicer under barefoot, and just a generally cosier experience.

A Carpet is a luxury accessory, a Footprint Groundsheet is an essential accessory. A footprint groundsheet will be roughly the same size as the sewn-in groundsheet of your tent. They are actually made a little bit smaller than the sewn-in groundsheet of the tent, the reason being, none of the footprint should be poking out from under the tent as this can draw moisture underneath the tent. The footprint will protect the sewn-in groundsheet of your tent from rough ground and sharp stones underfoot, it also makes packing away the tent a lot quicker and easier if it's been wet and muddy while you've been camping as you can roll the tent away with a clean dry groundsheet and only have to hose down the footprint.

Some tents have Roof Liners or Protectors available. These attach inside the ceiling of the tent in order to provide an extra layer of insulation.

Some larger family tents have awnings or extensions available which essentially extend the tent and make it bigger. These can be a great addition if your family gets bigger when little ones come along or simply if you realise you could do with a little more space to chill and relax on your camping trip. Other tents have Sun Canopies available which are usually open-fronted areas, there are also a couple of sun canopies available which can be fitted directly onto a campervan or motorhome.

Inner Tents are available for some tents in order to add extra sleeping areas inside your tent. These can either be specific to makes and models of tents, or there are some generic ones available.

If your pump for your air tent breaks or gets lost, then we have spare manual and electric Tent Pumps available. Every Inflatable Tent and Awning comes with a manual pump, but some prefer the ease and convenience of using an electric pump. These usually allow you to set a PSI level so you can plug in and wait while your tent inflates in front of your eyes.

With any tent, maintenance is sometimes required, we have a Spare Air Tubes and Accessories section for this reason.